Case Study: Amazon Niche Site Project


It seems that everywhere you look around the Internet there is another blogger with an Amazon niche site case study. This is another of those posts.

I am not here to say I’m or will do better that the case studies already on the Internet. In fact, I may fail miserably. And that is the beauty of it. You see, when you put yourself “out there” through a public case study, you have to be accountable to the people following your progress. Not that it is a must, but the fact that you have offered to provide a case study means you must hold your end of the bargain.

This is something I intend to do on this blog.

A few things about the case study as at the moment;

i) I already have a domain name that I will be building the site on.

ii) I already have hosting (you should have too) if you are an online entrepreneur.

iii) I already have a niche in mind. This is why I even bought the hosting. I will explain how I found the niche in my next posts.

These are the only things I have as per now with regards to the case study.

As is the norm, I won’t be revealing my Amazon niche site URL. However, at the end of the case study, I will reveal the website.

If you are interested in a case study where I’ve laid bare my URL, please check the Authority Website Challenge, where I am publicly building a website and hope to grow it in revenues of up to $10K per month.

I will be updating this blog frequently on my progress with these and any other case studies I may be experimenting with.

With that said, if you are interested in joining me in the journey of building a profitable Amazon website, comment below and let’s connect. The online journey can be a lonely one and without support from virtual visitors, it is easy to get sidetracked and stop working on the project.

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