Copy Al Review

Copy Al Review

Discovering Al writing tools almost feels like an entire paradigm shift. However, the excitement tends to wear off upon realization that it’s just a tool like any other that you can use as a writer. Especially with the advanced technology. But there’s still a silver lining.

Al writing tools can be a bit clunky and need lots of fact checking. But they are quite helpful when it comes to helping you overcome writer’s block. Enter Copy Al! Keep scrolling to find out more about Copy Al including its features, how to use it and how it usually works.

Let’s get right into it!

What is Copy Al?

According to Copy Al’s marketing strategies, its an automated tool that helps with creativity. This definition is not far-fetched. Copy Al will not only help you generate sales copy, marketing copy and digital ad copy but is also handy in helping you write long-form content. The only downside is that the end result might not be publish-ready as it’ll need a little tweaking every now and then.

Sometimes you’ll need to tweak your content more than you would when using its counterparts like Jasper Al. Copy Al is best suited for helping you overcome writer’s block with very little to add on that. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be discounted from the word go. Copy Al comes with great templates such as the first draft helper and the ones for email.

Let’s look at the technical aspect of it, shall we?

Copy Al is a writing tool that is powered by the famous GPT-3 API. Other Al writing tools like Jasper use the same technology which means it’s a great artificial intelligence tool. It’s not that perfect. Upon its inception into the market, it indexed 10% of the internet only and has never been updated.

For instance, GPT-3 API doesn’t know anything about COVID 19. This means that it’s useless when you want to write something more topical. Right from the onset, that should tell you that an Al copywriter cannot replace your writer. Instead, you can only make use of its creativity in your writing journey. So, what can Copy Al do for you?

A Quick Overview of Copy Al

When you create a Copy Al account successfully and get logged in, you’ll see an onboarding guide.

Here’s a snippet of how it usually works. First, you need to select the type of content you plan on writing about.

Once you’re done, fill in the basic details

In this case, we’ll go with writing blog posts. This will give you an outline of what you need.

Followed by a few talking points

Then the article

It’s nothing out of the ordinary. Copy Al comes up with facts in the course of writing and generated a general blog with too much fluff just like other Al writing tools. You might need to go with the outline if you want to use it for writing articles. You’ll have to do a lot of heavy editing if you choose to use the entire content.

After you’re done with the initial content, you’ll be redirected to Copy Al’s dashboard.

At this point, you’ll access templates, other different writing tools along with past projects.

The templates are best suited for creating valuable content which means you’ll spend a lot of time making use of them. They’re almost similar to Jasper Al’s recipes.

The other writing tools are equally helpful. Here’s a highlight of Copy Al’s basic workflow:

  1. Choose a template or tool
  2. Fill in basic details about your desired output or product
  3. Wait for a few minutes
  4. Check Copy Al’s different output suggestions

Remember, the output can be influenced by the details in your text at the righthand side of the screen.

However, it doesn’t help as much as you would expect. This is because its not at par with a variety of things such as long-form assistant. This also means that Copy Al compromises on customization for speed and efficiency. What you input is what Copy Al outputs, meaning you can write a few details and get some content.

However, there’s more to Copy Al than just speed. Let’s delve deeper into its templates and features.

Copy Al’s Templates and Features

Copy Al has a free version with more than 40 advanced templates along with other simple tools. Not to mention, its more than what Jasper Al offers. Here’s a highlight of the core templates:

Blog Content

Copy Al has tons of templates that can help you write articles including a template for an outline and headline among others. The entire blog post writing process seems a little bit more streamlined as compared to what you might get when using its counterparts. However, you’ll have to do some heavy editing if you choose to go all the way with the blog post. It’s not even worth it since Google hates Al-generated content.

Alternatively, use Copy Al to help you come up with different blog post ideas.

Social Media Posts

Copy Al comes with many different templates for digital ad copy, updates and posts. The giveaway promotion, event promotions and contest ones are the most helpful. All these templates serve a specific purpose. If you are going for marketing copy that’s clearly targeted, then this copywriting software will come in handy.

For the general template, you can describe something and Copy Al will proceed to generate a marketing copy.

Email Templates

Jasper Al has incredible email templates. However, Copy Al offers some of the best email templates as compared to other Al writing tools. It helps you write a discount offer, welcome email, cold outreach email and a newsletter among others. It provides everything an average business might need. Plus, sending the emails is quite easy since the templates have a ready structure in place.

As you know, GPT-3 API likes making up things. This means that you have to fact-check the output. Save for that, Copy Al is incredibly helpful for those who send a lot of emails. That’s about it!

Website Copy

There are very few templates in this category. You’ll make the most out of the About us and sales landing page templates. However, you need to lower your expectations when using them. Here’s a snippet of our results for the sales landing page text template:

It’s pretty bad and quite repetitive, far from what you would expect for a landing page.

You can use it anywhere since it’s a general copy. It would serve a different purpose if the text templates were typically for sections of a landing page. In this case, you’ll need to make use of what you get.

The section of case study has more templates as compared to the website copy part. Plus, it will help you get started on the writing process of customer propositions and a case study outline or anything in that line. However, the output content is not that good.

You should work with a marketing professional if you plan on running a case study. Copy Al’s creativity tools have other better applications that you can use on.

Video Content

If you want to write a video script, then Copy Al got you covered. However, you’ll need to do it on your own. Jasper Al promises to do it for you and fails miserably at it which is quite the opposite with Copy Al. The latter is quite honest as it only promises a couple of templates for video content. The intro comes highly recommended although there are a few others.

The intro is decent enough. Plus, you can tweak it to something that’s ready for publishing.

General Business

Copy Al’s general business template doesn’t suit the description. With such a title, someone expects product descriptions, a writing assistant, sales copy and the likes. Instead of using the term general business, it would be more appropriate to call them HR templates since most of them relate to a hiring process.

The templates tend to look helpful from the outside – rejection letters and job descriptions. It allows you to streamline sending more personalized responses to those applying for jobs. This feature is not quite helpful. You might as well write what you want yourself instead of wasting time filling in basic details that is required to generate quality content.

Fun Templates

Copy Al comes with quirky templates as well. These templates are quite handy when you choose to write fiction. However, any exercise that involves creative writing would do the same. You can come up with bullet points for your story without an Al writing software.

When it comes to other fun content types:

They’re interesting. However, you should know that using an Al copywriting tool to come up with your vows is admissible evidence in a court of law.

Other Features and Tools

We’ve only discussed a few of Copy Al’s tools. Save for the templates mentioned above, Copy Al comes with other simple tools that will help you with many different types of content.


These takes a few commands and outputs something depending on the category. They are less effective compared to templates but are quite handy when it comes to product descriptions, creating emails and social media posts.

The sentence rewriter is the most useful feature.

Here’s a breakdown of other important Copy Al tools:

  • Product description – It’s helpful if you have an eCommerce website although its less versatile
  • Simplify sentences – best suited for educating your target audience
  • PAS, AIDA and BAB templates – excellent structures especially for ad copy
  • Verb booster – handy for those who want functional sentences

Multi-Language Support

Just like Jasper Al, Copy Al also supports 25 different languages.

You’ll find it here:

It’s the standard for all Al writing tools on the market. The output in other different languages is pretty decent as well.

In our case, we tried out Spanish and Romanian. We didn’t notice any big difference when we compared the output to the content created by Copy Al in English.

Add-Ons and Integrations

You can integrate Copy Al into your tasks using a browser extension.

Don’t be too happy just yet, hold that thought.

Copy Al browser extension doesn’t allow you to edit your content on the page you’re working as Grammarly would in Google Docs. Instead, it opens another window where you can copy and paste your content.

Save for that, Copy Al boasts any integration. For the most part, its counterparts always add plagiarism check and Grammarly to their interface.

However, that’s all you get with Copy Al.

Test Performance – Is Copy Al Good for a Content Writer?

We ran a long-form content test to help you understand the effectiveness of Copy Al. We usually do the subject any Al copywriting tool to the same experiment let’s look at Copy Al’s results.

For this review, we did an article on “best dog food for active dogs” using the First Draft Wizard.

First, we fed Copy Al the details for the blog post outline:

1st Test

This is the output generated for this step.

2nd Test

It’s surface level, pretty bad and repetitive. It was expected, but we can tweak it a bit.

It works but its not something we can go for.

Here’s a snippet for the bullet points content that Copy Al came up with based on the outline:

While some of them are pretty good, most are obvious and repetitive. We’re close to the first draft and here’s how it looks.

After going through the talking points, I believe the final draft looks better.

The article needs fact checking and heavy editing before it’s publish-ready. However, it was pretty decent when Al generated the first draft. Plus, it’s more informational as compared to Jasper Al’s output meaning Copy Al is not best suited for commercial blog posts. However, it might work better with a precise and accurate input description.

If Google figures out you used Al-generated content after a manual review, then your site will be penalized. Avoid Al copywriting tools if you plan on doing SEO.


Copy Al offers a free version albeit with limits especially on the content created. Plus, it allows you to get started without submitting the details of your credit card. After trying it out, you can upgrade to the premium version. Here’s the pricing plan:

Their subscription tier will give you unlimited content credits and more templates. Copy Al is reasonably priced without any variety and is on the average side of the pricing spectrum especially when you compare it to other Al writing tools.


If you need help when generating Copy Al content, they got you covered. It has an extensive knowledge base along with great guides.

A comprehensive knowledge base and great guides coupled with a get started guide makes for excellent support. There are other additional tips that you’ll find when using Copy Al.

In addition, you can always reach out to Copy Al if you need extra help with something.

There a chats head that you can click on from the dashboard and someone will get in touch with you immediately.


Most Al writing tools available on the market are not quite advanced. We are not there yet. This means that you cannot replace your content writer with tools like Copy Al, Jasper or Rytr. Plus, as earlier mentioned, Google doesn’t like Al-generated content. However, in some cases, Copy Al comes in handy. For instance, it works remarkably well in helping overcome writer’s block.

Copy Al is more acceptable than Jasper Al owing to its price point. The latter is relatively expensive although its slightly better than Copy Al.

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