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Choosing a suitable LLC service provider can be a daunting task especially for foreign founders. If you are looking to incorporate your business in the United States then got you covered. helps provide solutions for business owners globally to start companies in the US. The best part is that you don’t even need to go there. Review

In today’s post, I’ll be exploring everything you need to know about services including its features, pricing plans and pros and cons among other important topics. Here’s a highlight of some of its best features:

  • Unlimited expert support – has clients all over the world and provide support in five different languages: French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and English.
  • Free professional consultations – usually connects its members with professional attorneys and CPAs.

An Overview of is a relatively new establishment since it was launched in 2018. This means that it’s been in existence for about three years and has helped many businesses from more than one hundred countries to register in the US. has an edge over other incorporation services since it helps business owners globally incorporate their business in the United States. It provides perks in thousand of dollars to its members, helps open a bank account for your business and get an EIN. Features

1. Company Formation in the US

Business owners across the globe can start a US-based company with ease thanks to What makes their services stand out is the fact that you don’t have to set foot in the US and neither do you need to be a resident to set up a business. They offer their services in Delaware and Wyoming exclusively, so you’ll need to put that in consideration when using the platform.

However, the clients are supposed to choose the state they believe is best suited for their businesses. The decision is yours but you can always consult with them to ensure you are making an informed choice.

Mark Milastsivy, the CEO and founder of says:

2. Services from a Registered Agent usually works with registered agents based in Delaware and Wyoming.  Having a reputable registered agent set to receive any important documents plays a huge role in ensuring you are running the business with confidence especially in compliance.

In addition, registered agents help its clients keep some copies of the most important documents of the company. For instance, certificate of incorporation or formation can serve as backup in case of an emergency. ensures that all personal details of the members are secure. This means that you can not find this information in the public record of the United States that the member incorporates.

The only thing that is made public is the name and address of the registered agent as opposed to the customer’s address.

3. US Bank Account

One of the most important features in the package is opening a US bank account for its members. has partnered with Mercury, an online bank for companies. The agency usually opens US bank accounts for its clients automatically after obtaining the Employer’s Identification Number (EIN). clients also get $500 reward from the online bank on using their debit card.

4. EIN – Employer’s Identification Number

Obtaining the employer’s identification number is important especially for new companies. The EIN will come in handy when completing federal filings and opening a US bank account. usually acts as a third-party when securing EIN for all its members.

[su_note]Entrepreneurs can get their EIN without their social security numbers or individual taxpayer identification numbers. The two documents usually help speed up the entire process but you don’t need them to obtain an EIN.[/su_note]

5. Pricing has a one-time fee of $399 for its clients. The fee includes filing charges and other additional services including the filing fee of the state. It also provides its members with many different features like LLC formation, US address set up, US bank account for the business and C Corp incorporation. additionally provides expert consultation, 24/7 lifetime services, services of a reputable registered agent, startup rewards amounting to $20k and preparation of legal documents.

6. Add-On Services

Save for the core incorporation services, provides its members with other additional benefits. Enter add-on services! These services are provided at no extra cost. Here’s a highlight of some of the best add-on services that offers:

i) US Address Set Up usually helps its clients from all over the world obtain virtual addresses for their businesses in Wyoming and Delaware. A registered agent helps arrange the address of the business in Wyoming at no extra cost since the agency provides an all-inclusive one-time fee for their package.

However, business owners have to pay for US address set up if they are looking to start a company in Delaware. The agency has partners that help arrange the address for companies in the state at $6.99 monthly or more. The cost depends on the address of the client after the agency covers it for the first month.

ii) Startup Rewards Amounting to $20k rewards and gives special offers to its clients. The incentives are quite beneficial to new founders and businesses alike – the agency gets the rewards from technology companies and service providers. You can access the offers through the famous Firstbase Network while the clients get to access it since its included in the incorporation fee. Amazon Web Service, otherwise known as AWS is one of the companies.

Amazon Web Service offers free credits estimated at $5000.

iii) Post Incorporation Documents helps prepare legal documents for its members right after incorporation. These documents contain important information of the business owners, details about the business and its operations.

7. Ease of Use

I can say without fear of contradiction that is easy to use. Clients can begin the US company incorporation process once they click on the “get started” button. The entire process can take about 5 minutes or even less depending on your speed.

Once you click the “get started” option, you’ll need to fill in all the necessary information for the business. Here’s a highlight of a step-by-step procedure on how to start a US-based company on

  • State selection – The customer needs to choose the state in which they want the base of the company situated. In this case, Delaware or Wyoming.
  • Choose the type of the company – The customer will need to select the type of the company – either a corporation or an LLC.
  • Details of the company – Enter all the necessary details of the new company including its name, industry and objectives among others.
  • Personal information of the business owner/founder – This is usually the last stage. The business owner is required to fill in their details like email address, name and occupation.

Once you’re done completing the online application, will begin working on the paperwork immediately. The entire paperwork process takes 15 business days. However, it can take a shorter time especially if the client is based in the United States. Pros and Cons

Let’s dive right in, shall we?


  • Helps set up a US address for its clients
  • Helps prepare legal documents
  • It has a secure dashboard
  • Offers tax consultation at no cost
  • Helps its clients open a US bank account for their businesses
  • It grants its members access to a powerful startup ecosystem in the world
  • It offers its clients registered agent services for a whole year
  • Offers credits for different services
  • Provides 24/7 unlimited lifetime support


  • It has one pricing plan package only
  • Business owners can only incorporate their businesses in Delaware and Wyoming
  • The agency doesn’t provide auxiliary services like report notifications annually

Customer Support/Service has great customer support. This is quite evident from the many positive customer reviews online. They support team is not only professional but also proficient owing to the fact that they usually respond to customer inquiries promptly. What’s more, the agency provides its clients with unlimited online support through its email and contact form on their website.

Alternatives to Services

There are many different online incorporation service providers. However, you should explore each of them to ascertain if they suit your needs before subscribing to their services. I did the legwork for you. Here’s a highlight of some viable alternatives to that you can check out:


Initially, MyCompanyWorks was known as MyNewCompany. It was launched in 2001 and helped thousands of companies.

MyCompanyWorks usually helps its clients process their orders in a day at no extra cost. However, the clients need to pay for registered agent services that costs $99 annually. The registered agent services cost fall on the lower side of the pricing spectrum as compared to what other agencies usually charge. They also have one of the best refund policies in the industry.

MyCompanyWorks always refund its clients for whatever reason within 90 days from the day of purchase.


ZenBusiness is also another top tier alternative to It was launched in 2015 and has over the years been committed to helping businesses hence the positive reviews. It’s an LLC service provider that takes pride in giving its clients all the help they need to start a US-based company.

ZenBusiness offers a number of services including: obtaining employer’s identification number, CPA assessments, legal documents templates, website development services, compliance requirements guarantee and registered agent services.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer was founded in 2008. You can see they have been in business for a while now amassing thousands of positive reviews that’s why its one of the best alternatives to services. Plus, more than 20 million businesses and consumers have used their services since its launch.

Rocket Lawyer has an extensive consumer base owing to the convenience and quality services they provide. It’s typically a legal services site that takes pride in giving its members access to many different types of legal assistance along with connecting them with the best attorneys. Their services are equally affordable, best suited for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Review Final Thoughts

As earlier mentioned, there are many different LLC service providers in the industry. However, without a shadow of doubt, sets the pace as it has an edge over the others owing to its interest in foreign business owners.

Besides, foreign-owned founders usually find trouble setting up different pieces from other different countries. Thanks to, you can easily set up your company in the US or open a business account. In addition, the clients don’t have to set foot in the country to open a business account, get an address or start a US-based company. should be top on your list if you are looking to set up a US-based company without necessarily having to visit the country. What’s more, it offers thousands of incentives, 24/7 unlimited customer support and helps you obtain employer’s identification number with ease among other services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes stand out? sets apart from its counterparts owing to its ability to support five different languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian. The agency focuses on providing its consumer base with everything they need relating to business formation including unlimited customer support, Employer’s Identification Number acquisition, business preparation, tax consultation and opening a US bank account.

Can help me open a US bank account for my new business?

Yes! usually helps all its clients to open a US business bank account. The agency has partnered with Mercury – an online bank for businesses that provides an insured FDIC corporate bank account. Plus, you can request for an ATM card that allows you to transact anywhere.

Can a foreigner set up a US-based company? has a consumer base all over the world. It has helped founders in more than 120 countries to set up businesses in the US with ease. If you are looking to join the community then is the way to go!

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