Jarvis AI Review

Jarvis AI Review

Artificial intelligence has nothing on human creativity that’s why you don’t have to worry about it stealing your job. That’s what everyone wants to believe. However, it’s not entirely true since the inception of Jasper AI in 2021. Jasper AI was initially known as Jarvis AI and it revolutionized content writing.

I know you are already thinking about hiring your writer, hold that thought. Jasper AI is an incredible business tool when you use it correctly but can drop the ball as well. Besides, Google hates AI-generated content.

Jasper AI Review

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What is Jasper AI?

It’s a content writing business tool that helps write content by using artificial intelligence. Jasper AI is based on open source GPT-3 API known to power more than 300 applications and Jasper’s competitors are no exception. It’s quite helpful especially when you take time to learn how it works.

Jasper AI pumps out content really fast and can equally re-write some of the paragraphs that are not done well or even correct the grammar. It’s quite simple since you need to give it instructions and it’ll generate the content for you.

However, it’s not the best tool to invest in at the moment especially when it comes to content writing. This is because Jasper AI can’t just come up with the article out of nowhere. Neither can it do research on its own. GPT-3 has access to 10% of the internet only. Plus, its knowledge base is not up to date. For instance, if you want it to write about pizza, you’ll need to feed the tool with your research for more complex results save for describing what it is.

There are other important things to discuss. So, let’s look at the main functionalities of Jasper AI, shall we?

Overview of Jasper AI

When you get started, you’ll notice that the Jasper dashboard is pretty much empty. Don’t fret! You’ll get to fill up that space in a short while. You need to select a template to get started.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of templates to choose from based on structures and content format to draw attention. You can start feeding Jasper with relevant information once you choose a template that suits your business needs.

If you don’t know what to do, check out the guide available on the righthand side corner of the screen to see you through the entire process.

Jasper will start writing content for you once you click on “generate AI content” option. Once it’s done, you’ll get the results on the righthand side of your screen as shown below:

You can give Jasper feedback on the generated content and add the texts to favorites. Feedback is quite handy as it helps the software make necessary improvements in writing content in future. However, you can copy the written content if you love it and go about your business.

In addition, you can use long-form assistant if you are looking to write blog posts or experiment with the software.

For the most part, it’s available for the Boss mode plan and is a proper version of Jasper. The long-form assistant is available on the template list. Once you’re done, you can give it an overview of the content you plan on writing and you’ll be good to go.

You can tell the software to start writing at any point when you are ready.

However, you have to give Jasper relevant information for it to generate content for you. With detailed data at its disposal, the software will help you create social media posts, blog posts and generate any kind of AI content. Plus, there’s more to Jasper than just creating content.

You can rewrite sections as well:

Jasper can also help correct your grammar:

The way Jasper corrects grammar is a little bit different from Grammarly integration as it’s known to catch advanced issues. What’s more, you can also use the tool too get it to explain complex issues in layman terms for ease of understanding.

Always remember to give feedback when writing content. Since most of what’s done is usually based on deeper learning, any feedback is valuable. This is because it helps the software understand the art of creating content a little better. Jasper always takes note anytime you confirm that you like a social media or blog post.

This way, Jasper produces better results anytime you need something in line with what was previously done. There are lots of bells and whistles in this software, this is just a gist. Make sure you go through Jasper AI review if you want to learn more about the software, how it works and how to get the most out of it.

Let’s look at a brief history of the person behind Jasper.

Who’s Behind Jasper AI?

Jasper AI was developed by a team from Austin, Texas. They had an amazing office that was voted one of the best places to work in for three years consecutively. Some of you are familiar with these faces because they are featured on thousands of stock images.

The CEO is Dave Rogen Moser, Austin Distel as CMO and John Philip Morgan holds the CTO position. All of them work with a team of professionals and we believe they at the wheel of an incredible tool. If you want to know what they have come up with over the years, you are at the right place, keep reading.

Jasper’s Features

Jasper can help you create content in record time. However, you need to feed the software with relevant information beforehand for better results and this entails doing some research. Jasper has some of the most powerful features that makes the writing process a lot easier. Let’s look at Jasper’s features that will helps write content faster.

For this detailed Jasper review, let’s loot at how the tools work.

Writing is Jasper’s Core Capability

The quick detour above has explained how Jasper helps you write content. However, there’s more to this feature than just writing content. For starters, you should know that you can do the writing alongside Jasper.

Writing alongside Jasper is quite effective especially if you are looking to pump out some sort of listicle in less than an hour. Just write something and the software will finish the sentence or paragraph for you.

As earlier mentioned, you need to feed the software with relevant information about the subject in question first for better results. Remember, the more the information, the better the output. You can do the reverse as well. For instance, let Jasper do the writing then finish up the sentence or edit it.

Let me clarify something here – You can only edit what Jasper generates.

Regardless of how good you think your content is, you’ll need to give the content generated by Jasper a thorough readthrough. Plus, you might need to do heavy editing too. This means that you can’t just buy Jasper Boss mode plan and expect it to do all the content writing for you.

Jasper is quite handy and will equally help you save time only when a good writer uses it. Almost like Jarvis from the Iron Man movie, Jasper is just but an incredible assistant. Maybe that’s why it was initially called Jarvis.

Jasper can’t save the entire city without help. It needs you to take the reins as well. Let’s get back to Jasper’s bread and butter writing feature. The best thing about using this software is that it allows you to edit the tone in blogs.

You can deduce from the recommendations above that it doesn’t limit you to adjectives only. There are a gazillion ways to describe the tone of voice you’re going for. Jasper is amazing like that. Besides, you don’t have to use technical commands. It allows you to speak to the software as you would a typewriter.

The only difference between a copywriter and Jasper is that the latter only deals with limited languages. Jasper AI, on the other hand, can handle more than 25 languages. For instance:

However, this Jasper AI review mainly focuses on its ability to help users write English content. We tested Romanian and Spanish as well and the tool works perfectly. Here’s an example:

The best thing about using Jasper is that you only need to start speaking any language and it’ll adapt. How cool? Jasper is your best bet if you always write content in different languages or handling international business.

This is it about Jasper AI’s writing functionality. However, there a lot more than Jasper can do apart from writing content for you.


You’ll learn to appreciate writers regardless of the niche if you get to know how far they go to write amazing content. There are thousands of competitors Authority Hackers that write great content. You can find yourself reading through the articles again and again and loving every bit of it.

The point is, recognizing great content is not rocket science. You’ll also see an amazing blog post and wish to write something similar but using your own words. And this is where Jasper AI comes into play as it allows you to do just that in a few minutes. In this case, you’ll need to select the text and click on the “rephrase” button at the top righthand corner.

At this point, Jasper AI generates a new paragraph for you, using the same information without plagiarizing.

Your guess is as good as mine! Jasper can also help you draw inspiration from your competitors. However, this feature is meant to help you improve on content writing in the first place. In the course of your writing, there are moments when you just pause and think of how better to articulate yourself. If you’ve been in the game for a while, you always know when your writing is bad. It happens and its quite normal.

Jasper AI helps you move past such moments as it rephrases the sentences or paragraphs for you. This is equally helpful when you are repurposing content for your guest posts. You just need to put it out there as it is.

Fix Grammar

This is one of the fastest ways to avoid making big mistakes. Right after the “rephrase” button, you’ll see a pen icon that can help correct your grammar.

Just as the name suggests, this function helps fix your grammar and works just like the rephase option.

In this case, you need to select the piece of text and click on “fix grammar” option. This will give you a snippet of the alternative text. If you love it, you can copy it to replace the initial text or ask Jasper to give you other options.

The fix grammar option is part of the software’s Boss plan mode. If you are looking to catch bigger grammatical mistakes, the fix grammar feature is your best bet. However, Grammarly has an edge over it especially if you want better grammar corrections.

Explain it Like You Would to a Child

This feature is indispensable when it comes to writing for a target audience online. Educating them plays a significant role in writing blogs. Education is part of online content as well owing to the huge flux of relevant information about different products and inception of inbound marketing. YouTube videos, social media posts, sales pages and Facebook ad headlines tend to use educational content.

If you a writer, you might have to breakdown complicated topics for your target audience and put it in a language they can easily understand. Let’s take an example of this review.

The API its built on is slightly complicated. If we are looking at the textbook definition of Jasper and how it works, then it can be confusing for those that are not conversant with artificial intelligence.

In this case, how will the AI copywriting tool be of help?

You can get a less complicated and better technical explanation with a press of a button.

This is quite handy especially when writing technical topics and blog articles like the “how to” ones. Besides, you can also use this feature without the finished overview of what is deemed as the complicated text.

What’s more, this feature lets you paste the list of features with little to no explanation and it’ll still give you a clear and comprehensible paragraph.

Content Templates

The long-form assistant does more than just creating amazing blog posts. It doubles up as Jasper’s playground as it helps test how far the tool can go to create content. For instance, it’s one of the fastest ways of generating the intro paragraph or conclusion paragraph of a blog post.

It can also do anything in between provided you know the smartest way to structure and convey information to Jasper. However, the long-form assistant is part of the very templates to choose from in Jasper. You can round them up to see what’s in store.

Long-Form Assistant

The long-form assistant of Jarvis AI is quite handy when it comes to writing typical long-form articles. This means that it can be used in many different ways including rephrasing outsourced content, correcting your grammar, creating landing pages and blog posts.

In addition, you can use Jarvis AI’s long-form assistant to write content alongside you.

Once you start typing, the software will finish it up for you especially when you need inspiration. The template thrives when you give it well thought and researched information. It’s also best suited for writing blog articles with simple topics that’s equally easy to understand.

Paragraph Generator

Paragraph generator is helpful for those looking to overcome the famous writer’s block. However, just like the templates, you might need to provide the tone of voice of the article, some keywords and topic. Jasper will generate content for you without any other context.

You should keep an open mind since the write ups are not always top tier at all times. However, it’s enough to help get your creative juices running.

Attract, Interest, Desire and Action – AIDA

AIDA is a copywriting template that’s used for creating sales pages, short copy and online ads. It usually follows a four-step process which not only builds interest but also creates desire, builds interest as well as prompt action.

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your online store or create strategic marketing content, then Jasper will help with this particular template. It’s quite effective with little to no input.

Problem Agitate Solution – PAS

Problem Agitate Solution is a true and tested copywriting framework ideal for creating a solution-oriented copy online. The template engages the reader with a problem they might be facing then provides a solution in a seamless consumable format. It’s works remarkably well for marketers who are looking to show how different products and services respond to the pain of their target audience.

What’s more, their interface resembles that of AIDA. Jasper is a versatile option if you are looking to create marketing copies with ease.

Content Improver

Jasper AI content improver is your best bet if you are looking for a tool that will make reading and following your content a lot easier. It literally takes the content and helps clean it up to make it simple and easy to understand. It’s best suited for short snippets of either hard-to-read content or text.

Not forgetting, Jasper AI’s content improver is useful for content writers. It helps make you writing easy to read and also follow which in turn, improves your engagement with the audience. However, it falls short in the technical content department. From experience, if your content contains relevant information in all aspects, then the meaning will not be lost on the software.

Product Description

Jasper AI has a product description template that is ideal for affiliate site and eCommerce business owners. The template will help you write product descriptions with ease and equally faster without compromising on quality. The only thing you need to do is provide information about the product in question and leave it to Jasper to handle the rest.

The product description template is handy especially when you plan on writing multiple descriptions of the products easily and faster. However, it’s not quite effective if you want to write your own product descriptions without prior content that the software can base on. In this case, inputting the information will take a little longer.

Topic Ideas for Blog Posts

If you want a little help brainstorming topics for your blog posts, then Jasper AI’s blog post topic ideas feature is your best bet. It will give you a list with ideas that will get your creative juices flowing. However, you’ll need to tweak the titles since the list is not optimized for SEO. Plus, it would be easier if you choose to use Jasper AI’s blog post recipe instead.

Blog posts topic ideas feature is great for any content writer out there especially those that need a little help brainstorming to get their creative juices flowing.

Blog Posts Outline

Jasper AI Blog Posts outline is helpful when it comes to jumpstarting your writing. It not only provides organization but also structure that writers can use to write the articles. It’s best suited for those who need brainstorming ideas or struggling to find a topic.

Jasper cannot figure out the intent of the search that’s why it doesn’t work well for SEO. In this case, you need to analyze your potential competition and incorporate Surfer too.

Intro Paragraph of Your Blog Post

Coming up with an intro paragraph is no easy feat and this is where Jasper AI comes into play. The software comes with an intro paragraph template that lets you write the article introduction effortlessly. In this case, you’ll only need to provide the topic and the software will handle the rest. The blog post intro paragraph works just like the paragraph template discussed earlier on in this review.

However, you should remember that this feature doesn’t work well for complex topics. The simple the better! You might want to do things the old-fashioned way if you are writing about something complex or find the right tool for the job. Keep scrolling because you might learn a thing or two about coming up with better introductions for your blog posts.

Conclusion Paragraph Template

Jasper AI also comes with a blog post conclusion paragraph template. This helps you conclude the topic well and leave the audience with food for thought owing to the “call to action” option. In this case, you need to provide the article summary and as usual, Jasper will handle the rest for you.

However, writing a conclusion can be a bit challenging especially if the article is long and complex. For the most part, writers fail to summarize the article accurately without veering off the topic.

Creative Story

Jasper AI also comes with a creative story template that will help you deal with writer’s block. Plus, it’ll help you write shorter story snippets. This feature works remarkably well for fiction writers that need a little push to get started. Besides, if you are creative enough, you’ll find other ways to create your own anecdotes.

Jasper can come up with a fake story and make it sound legit. It’s good at it!

Explain it to a Child

The software’s explain it to a child template feature will help you conceptualize complex topics to an average audience. If you are looking to breakdown a hard topic, then this feature will come in handy. However, it’s a 50-50 situation since it can either work for you or not.

If the topic is too complicated, Jasper can lose the essence of the text along the way. This means that you need to adjust your output.

In addition, the explain it to a child template will not serve its intended purpose if you are subscribed to Jasper Boss mode plan. In such scenarios, you need to select the text in long-form assistant and click on ‘explain it to a child’ option at the top righthand corner of the screen.

The difference is that the software allows you to customize the topic to the grade level of the audience. However, you can tell from experience that the difference in output is negligible.

Sentence Expander

Just as the name suggests, the sentence expander will help you go into details when explaining about a topic. It works perfectly if you have in mind an idea of the text and need to create sentences from general structure. However, not all sentence expansions are great.

Google and Facebook Ads

Jasper AI has Google and Facebook ad templates that will help you copy write for different PPC ads with ease. The templates are best suited for marketers looking to create ads quickly. What’s more, you can separate templates for main text snippets or headlines.

You can ask for help from Jasper AI based on your need at that particular time. From the example above, you can tell that the output is outstanding given the information the software was working with. You might need to edit the copy to convert a little more since paid ads are usually complicated. However, Jasper’s output is pretty good.

Jasper AI’s Google My Business Templates

Google my business templates will help you rank better since it improves your business listing performance. You can use the templates to optimize SEO locally and fill out the My Business listing  a lot faster.

There are four types of copy templates including: offer post, product description, even and what’s new posts.

Marketing Ideas

Jasper AI additionally features ridiculous marketing ideas template to help you bring forward relaxed yet fun marketing ideas. Theoretically, this can be helpful especially when you are looking for new ideas for your brand. However, this feature is still a work in progress because some of the recommendations don’t make any sense while others are quite basic.

Amazon Products Template

Amazon Products Template will not only help you improve your Amazon ranking but also increase your conversions. However, it might take some time. Jasper will see you through the process by helping you get started on writing. The product description for Amazon is a little meh.

It also features a bullet points template that is quite helpful since it plays a significant role in Amazon listings. Plus, the software is great at it:

However, some heavy editing might be required. For us, Jasper AI come up with different things about the product in question. Things that aren’t evident from our input. In this case, you can either give the software examples beforehand or edit it heavily afterwards.

Perfect Headline

Jasper AI comes with a perfect headline template that will help you devise headlines for online campaigns. However, it’s not a guarantee. But this depends on the niche and information you feed Jasper.

Fortunately, the output has many different headline suggestions, meaning it’s a game of numbers. There a high chance that you’ll find one headline that can easily adapt to something publish-ready because Jasper got you covered.

Website Sub-Headlines

The website sub-headlines template helps users’ structure most non-blog posts on their sites. The only limitation is that the templates are not top tier. However, if you are in luck, you’ll get ideas that will help you come up with great subheadings for your website.

It would be best to go over this with a professional marketer instead of just relying on the output of Jasper. This is because Jasper has limited ideas and suggestions.

Photo Post Caption

The photo post caption helps users’ descriptions on their photos for different social media platforms faster. Social media managers can attest that writing descriptions on photos is not only hectic but also takes  a lot of time. You should check out Jasper the next time you are filing in your content plan.

It’s surprising how well the software generates content for social networks. It’s totally worth it especially if you are looking for Instagram captions.

Testimonial Helper

As earlier mentioned, Jasper thrives in creating fake stories and making them look legit. The testimonial helper takes it a notch higher as it helps you write great testimonials. A machine doing this on your behalf might seem unfair because testimonials should always come from the customers.

Currently, the testimonial helper only helps you write testimonials for Jasper AI in beta. Plus, it inflates many things so its future isn’t certain.

Marketing Angles

The marketing angle template helps users find newer ways of highlighting brands or products. However, this is not something that will make you think outside the box. In our case, Jasper provided rather intuitive marketing angles. So, its safe to say that this template is not that helpful.

Persuasive Bullet Points

The persuasive bullet points template helps users increase the conversion rates of their sales pages. Jasper takes the information at its disposal and crafts the persuasive bullet points highlighting the benefits along with the features of the product in question.

In all honesty, it works remarkably well when it comes to extracting the main product characteristics right from the block text. It has an edge over content summarizer at explaining and shortening a paragraph.

Video Content

When it comes to YouTube videos, Jasper AI has a variety of templates at its disposal. However, the template’s effectiveness varies. The topic ideas, outlines and video descriptions are okay. You can use these templates to create video script hooks.

The video script outline, on the other hand, is not quite helpful since the user has little control once Jasper takes things into account. This means that artificial intelligence might come in handy when it comes to hooks and descriptions. The templates will not help with the video scripts.

Review Responder

The review responder template helps users streamline the entire process of having to respond to reviews. It’s best suited for those who don’t want to be diplomatic with the bad reviews. Jasper got you covered in such scenarios. However, you might need to go through the generated responses before publishing.

Remember, a lot of people want to see how you respond to the bad review so you need to be extra careful.

Personalized Cold Email Templates

There are two different personalized cold email templates – the email itself and the subject line. Both are pretty good. However, you might need to do some heavy editing especially if you are looking to outreach correctly. As a great starting point, Jasper AI helps you write your cold emails with ease and quickly.

SEO Metadata

When it comes to SEO Metadata, Jasper AI offers a range of templates at par with all the other features mentioned above.

However, you only stand to benefit from this feature if you write blog posts. Even so, Google only allows it to work for a number of characters which means a human touch is required. You can write an SEO meta description faster than it can take you to explain blog posts to Jasper. However, it would be better if one could paste a link for temporary blog posts and the software generates the SEO metadata. But implementing that is not a walk in the park.

Personal and Company Bio

Jasper features two different personal and company bio templates which are quite decent. Jasper will help you save time when writing bios. However, if you need one to keep people interested and convert, you’ll need to use this particular template to get started. If you may, a pre-pre-alpha draft especially when building crucial marketing copies and other landing pages.

Feature to Benefit

Jasper AI’s feature to benefit is more of a structure and is one of the most common ways of describing online products. It’s compelling making it easy for customers to see why they need to take action. This template from Jasper will help you save time especially if you are copywriting multiple product descriptions online.

The feature to benefit option will come in handy when you’ve run out of ideas for its benefits after doing thousands of them.

Before After Bridge Framework

The before after bridge framework template will help you create copy by showing you the problem, giving you a solution and showing you an actionable way that you can get there. This template is really good.

We didn’t give Jasper a lot of information to work with in the example above. However, it generated high-quality content. The before after bridge framework is hands down the best and most popular copywriting templates. You should give this feature a shot if you buy the software.

Unique Value Propositions

Unique value proposition is typically a one-line description explaining why you think the product in question is great. Fortunately, Jasper comes with a template to help you solve this problem. It comes in handy when you are out of marketing ideas. However, it’s effectiveness can either be a hit or a miss. Therefore, it’s only advisable to try it out if you find trouble coming up with different ways of highlighting the benefits of the product.

In such scenarios, you can always use this template like you would any other. Don’t run with everything Jasper AI offers, customize.

Real Estate Listing

Jasper has a decent real estate listing template. Real estate agents stand to benefit the most from this feature especially when it comes to creating listings. However, you need to do more than just filling in the blanks if you’re looking to book any viewings. You’ll also need a compelling description accompanied with great photos. In this case, Jasper only provides the draft.

Pinterest Pin Title and Description

This software has a Pinterest pin title and description template which is ok. However, the image matters most on Pinterest as opposed to the description. This template will help you save time especially if you are a blogger or social media manager. Remember, it’s the visuals that will determine your growth.

Press Release Title and Intro

Jasper AI additionally features a press release title and intro template which is quite good. You would want to fix the press if it plays a significant role in the success of your event. Ensure you cross examine Jasper AI’s output but the base content will work just fine.

Engaging Questions

I’m not quite sure what this template has to offer. Those who’ve tried it out thought that they can use it to come up with survey questions. But that’s not the case. This template is meant to help users drive important conversations with the audience, in live events, blog posts and the likes. However, the questions aren’t quite revolutionary.

Here’s a highlight of what to expect when you use it correctly:

The engaging questions template can be handy when styling blog posts or finding different ways to engage your target audience.

Quora Answers

There’s a template that allows you to answer the questions customers pose. It can be quite decent especially when you state facts. However, the engaging questions template has an edge over it when it comes to effectiveness.

Product or Business Name

You know how hard it is to come up with a name and branding is even harder. And this is where this Jasper AI’s business or product name template comes into play. It’s quite effective and will help jog your memory when trying to figure out appropriate name ideas. However, the recommendations the software gives aren’t outstanding.

Text Summarizer

If you are looking to summarize information, then the text summarizer template will help you get the job done with ease. You only need to paste the paragraph and Jasper will handle the rest for you. This feature is not quite useful since writers use it occasionally. However, it’s handy when it comes to site content or creating bios and other similar content.

You need to try it out before writing it off.

Polling Questions and Multiple Choice Answers

Jasper comes with a template that helps create advanced poling questions. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows because you can’t use it to create a survey or questionnaire faster. It’s a mere tool used for engaging those in your community on a particular topic. So, don’t except any input in terms of business ideas and whatnot.

It’s such a shame that you’ll still find trouble coming up with appropriate survey questions.

Complex Jasper AI Copywriting Tools – Recipes

You’ll appreciate Jasper recipes more if you loved the templates. Here’s a highlight of how the recipes works. For starters, each Jasper recipe features a variety of predefined commands.

If you want to use any of the predefined commands, you’ll need to change some variables to suit your business needs.

The best thing about Jasper recipes is that you can customize them according to your personal specifications. This means that there’s room to experiment. Alternatively, go for community-related Jasper recipes.

In this case, using community-based recipes is the safest bet. You can type key in a few words to see how this tool works. The blog post is one of the most popular recipes. However, can Jasper AI write about the dynamics of using the software as a writing tool?

Here’s a Jasper recipe with all the relevant information keyed in:

Here are the results of the initial output:

This is just the introduction and it’s quite simple. You can never go wrong with some of the most popular questions like how AI writing tool works. It did remarkably well for an artificial intelligence machine.

Besides, artificial intelligence is not rocket science, so its not magic. Our expectations were pretty low because we didn’t think it would come up with top tier long-form content. It was a pleasant surprise! The content on its own was meh. But that is something you would expect a human to write especially with little to no information at your disposal.

However, the transitions in between the sections are good enough:

The above was written by the machine with zero input. Although there are some caveats – Jasper AI almost never scratches blog posts surface. Plus, it’s not reliable especially if you are looking to rank better on Google.

What’s more, Jasper AI specializes in “how to” blog posts and roundups. This means that the software wouldn’t be handy if you write other types of articles. Technically, it didn’t follow the outline of out blog post and jumped over the proposed headline.

How to Create Your Own Jasper Recipes

Jasper AI lets you customize your own recipes. However, you’ll need a little practice. Creating recipes would be a walk in the park if you successfully managed to use long-form assistant. It’s more of it incorporated with a bit of logic.

If you want to get started, click on the “how recipes work” option to access a helpful guide.

This shouldn’t be the first thing you explore on the platform. You can try out other features, create social media posts and write articles without the recipe. This way, you get to be conversant with Jasper before diving in to create your own Jasper recipes.

Jasper AI’s Third-Party Integration Tools

Jasper AI has incredible integrations. These integrations are built-in so you don’t have to add them to your own suite. You can access them on the interface. The plagiarism checker is one of the most popular third-party integration tools:

You only need to select the text to check if they are plagiarism-free. Plagiarism checker is for the doubting Thomas’s. Don’t fret, having doubts is normal. Make Jasper AI write something and see if the text is plagiarized or not. However, you need to subscribe to get the plagiarism check.

Grammarly is also a great integration.

Just as the name suggests, it helps fix your grammar, suggests alternative synonyms for some overused words and gives you tips on improving sentence structure. You can access this features when using the premium version.

If you ae using the Premium version, then you’ll be able to fix your grammar from the software’s interface:

If you are looking for more, Jasper also integrates with Surfer SEO although it’s a bit complicated.

Surfer SEO vs Jasper AI

There’s an SEO mode at the top righthand corner of the screen that you can click on when you want to edit a document in Jasper AI.

If you’re logged in to Surfer, it’ll redirect you to the Surfer interface. This means that you can use the interface as a document editor. It features a number of formatting options and it also allows you to optimize the articles for SEO. Besides that, you can click on the “compose” option and Jasper AI will handle the rest for you, including writing some parts of the article.

However, it not all sunshine and rainbows.

As earlier mentioned in this review, Google hates AI-generated content. Google will penalize your site if they find out you use artificial intelligence tools to generate content since they believe its spam. On the flip side, Jasper AI is an exception at the moment since bots hasn’t figured out yet how AI-generated content looks like.

As of the time this review goes up, Google needs to review your blog posts manually to penalize you for using Jasper AI. However, things can go down really fast since, for instance, GPT-2 has automated detectors.

In addition, human reviewers can barely figure out if you’ve used some of Jasper AI’s features to do small stuff like generating intro and conclusion paragraphs for your blogs. Even so, we advise against using Jasper AI to write articles especially if you want a Google-friendly site. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this tool is not valuable.

On the contrary, Jasper AI is very useful. For instance, it helps users come up with social media posts. But you need to hold your thought when it comes to writing blog posts using Jasper AI. In this case, Surfer SEO integration might not be that helpful at the moment.

Does Facebook Community Help?

Jasper AI has a huge Facebook community.

Plus, the Facebook community is very active. It’s an extremely helpful platform for those who find trouble using the software, those looking to connect with their counterparts or trying to find recipes and resources.

However, you need to be extra careful since they tend to censor the content on the platform. Your posts will not be approved if they go against the community standards. They might instead reply privately to keep you in the loop.

No one likes being censored. So, it would help to be tread carefully if you plan on joining Jasper AI’s Facebook community.

Jasper AI’s Pricing

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to pricing is whether or not Jasper AI is worth. Will the software give you value for your money? Keep reading to find out!

Jasper AI offers two different pricing plans – Starter and Boss mode plan.

The Starter plan supports 25 different languages, has unlimited logins, 50 copywriting skills and part of Jasper’s core functionalities including content search and autosave.

However, it lacks most of the features discussed in this Jasper AI review.

Jasper Boss Mode Plan, on the other hand, has a range of features including:

  • Revision history
  • Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checker
  • SEO mode
  • Long-form assistant
  • Recipes

And more words. However, both plans come with a slider that lets you select the number of words you’d like:

Verdict: You need to subscribe to Jasper Boss mode plan if you are looking to get the most out of the software. The starter plan is only there to balance the pricing but the latter is the main product of the tool.

If you plan on writing something meaningful, then Jasper boss mode plan is your best bet. It would be best to know that Jasper AI falls on the higher side of the spectrum as compared to other writing tools available on the market. Is Jasper AI worth your money? Totally depends!

$99 monthly is relatively expensive but so are writers. This means that Jasper AI is worth if you know how it works and how to get the most out of it. Save for that, the pricing is too steep especially if you only use it to write social media posts occasionally. The investment needs to be justified with quantity and quality.

Support – What Happens If I Get Stuck and Need Help to Generate AI Content?

For starters, using Jasper AI is pretty easy. You can start creating content as soon as you sign up for a Jasper account.

Jasper’s skill ceiling might be too high since there are lots of things you need to do so that it generates content for you with ease. But you can learn these things on the job. However, getting started and making it work is a breeze. Plus, the video guides will come in handy if you need a little help on complex features:

Joining Jasper Bootcamp is another alternative if you want to be conversant with how to use this AI writing tool:

Taking part in the Q&A session will also help you understand how Jasper AI works in terms of content creation.

If all else fails, the last alternative is to use the ticketing system to contact Jasper AI. Their agents are quite helpful and get back to clients pretty fast. Remember to subscribe to Jasper boss mode plan for priority support. If you are using the Starter plan, you might have to wait a little longer to get a response.

Jasper AI has a decent support system. However, you can look past the pricing, support, features and templates if you are benefiting from the platform. Your main focus should be on the effectiveness of the AI writing tool when it comes to producing content.

Performance tests will help us understand how Jasper AI generates content. Let’s dive right in!

Jasper AI Performance Tests

At this point, you already know almost everything about Jasper AI. What might be bugging you is whether you can use it to come up with acceptable content as per Google standards. Or it’s a fad that’ll disappear into thin air after a while. Let’s put this matter to rest.

We did an in-depth test on Jasper with an article that targets dog food for active dogs. You can check out some of the templates above if you want to see how its performance in writing different types of blog posts like social media and marketing posts.

Here are the results for the test we did on blog posts:

In this test, we used blog posts recipe. Long-form assistant will give you similar results but you need to feed in more information. The entire content creation process should be smoother with a recipe.

First things first. AIlow Jasper AI to come up with the introduction about the topic in question. In our case, best dog food for active dogs.

Paste the information on the lefthand corner at the top. Rinse then repeat for the title of the article. Jasper will come up with the text for your blog post outline. You can paste the subheadings suggestions in the outline variable from your recipe.

These example focuses on three different topics but they can be expanded indefinitely, theoretically speaking.

However, the content quality might drop significantly especially after exploring more than 10 topics from the subject. After pasting, let Jasper AI write them one after the other. Here’s a snippet of the results you should except:

To get accurate results, you can let Jasper come up with the headlines. Initially, it was repetitive:


But after that, it generated a smarter headline. In this case – consider a raw diet.

It stuck with that and failed to come up with alternative headlines. This is quite normal especially when using it to write listicles. After struggling for a while, Jasper came up with this:

How to Get Started with Jasper

Jasper comes with a range of templates and they are all different. The blog post recipes are a little bit complicated. For starters, you should always remember that Jasper AI isn’t useful in researching specific topics or niche. In this case, you’ll need to give it more input if you want it to generate acceptable content. Even so, you’ll also need to do some fact checking afterwards.

Jasper AI can come up with content very quickly but its not always top tier:

For better results, you might want to keep it grounded.


For the most part, Jasper AI comes up with high-quality copy and content. It’s not only the best copywriting tool on the market but also the future of content creation.

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