Jasper Al vs Copy Al

Jasper Al vs Copy Al

  1. Jasper and Copy AI writing assistants are both incredible tools. If you are looking to kickstart your writing career, then these two tools will help you get started and output your content. But which of the two has an edge over the other?

Between Jasper AI and Copy AI, which one is best suited for long-form or short-form content? Which of the two is relatively affordable?

These are some of the frequently asked questions when people are comparing Jasper AI to Copy AI and vice versa. This article will not only set the record straight but also help you make an informed decision when looking to invest in the AI copywriting tool. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Quick Overview

If you want a quick answer to this question and money isn’t an object, then go for Jasper AI.

Generally, Jasper AI has an edge over Copy AI in terms of integrations, output and UX. Jasper has it all!

But why would anyone go for Copy AI instead?

Pricing is the main challenge. Copy AI is way cheaper than its counterpart. Plus, it has a wide variety of templates and sometimes gives better output than Jasper AI when it comes to short-form content.

Therefore, for those bootstrapping and your only focus is on shorter marketing copy…

Or you prefer working with predesigned templates to a writing assistant…

Copy AI would be your best bet! However, the devil is always in the details. Let’s dive deeper and fairly compare Jasper AI and Copy AI, shall we?

How Copy AI and Jasper AI Work

AI writing tools usually use artificial intelligence to generate content out of the blues. Technically, it’s not entirely out of nowhere since the user has to feed it some information.

Here’s a highlight of how Jasper AI and Copy AI work for the most part:

1st Step

Choose the content template

Most AI writing tools come with a wide variety of templates but mainly focus on commonly needed copies such as video descriptions, Facebook ads and blog post’s introduction.

2nd Step

You feed in relevant information based on the topic of your choice. In most cases, a product description or keyword.

3rd Step

Wait for a few minutes

4th Step

AI writing tool will give you different variations based on the output that you requested:

Basically, that’s how most AI writing tools work. However, it’s not entirely encompassing, at least not for Jasper AI. This is because Jasper allows you to use long-form assistant to generate content as well.

The best thing about using long-form assistants is that it makes your work a lot easier. This is because it gives Jasper commands like you would when talking to an actual person.

Jasper then outputs qualitative content based on the commands. However, the output is not always top tier but we’ll discuss that later in this article.

Your guess is as good as mine. It’s a lot easier than choosing to use a different template each time. That’s it!

I mean, that’s all you get from Jasper AI and Copy AI at first sight. Let’s now get to the hood.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI – What’s Under their Hood?

Jasper AI and Copy AI are quite different in terms of technology especially when it comes to long-form assistant. These two AI writing tools are two peas in a pod because they have the same API – GPT-3.

GPT-3 is typically a model language that tends to use deep learning to come up with human-like text. I don’t know exactly into details since am not well versed with this type of technology. However, here are a few pointers that are important to this comparison:

Most AI writing tools always use Open AI’s GPT-3 so there’s little to no difference in content output. However, Jasper AI outperforms most apps that use tis technology when it comes to quality of the content.

It indexed at around 10% of the internet upon its inception into the market and has never been updated. This typically means that its not helpful in writing topical content especially with apps that are based on API-GPT-3. AIso, the content output with this technology needs heavy editing.

How to Get Started with Copy AI and Jasper AI

Most AI writing tools are usually complicated. This is because they are built on complex technology and they sometimes do astounding things. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not easy to use.

For the most part, AI writing tools are by far the easiest to use and Copy AI and Jasper are no different. You’ll get access to a helpful guide that tells you what is where when you sign up for an account with either of the two assistants.

From where we are standing, you can tell that the dashboards are quite intuitive.

Picking a template is equally easy, fill in some stuff and the software will come up with decent content for you. Jasper AI’s design is better. However, its purely subjective since there are reviewers that prefer Copy AI’s design to the latter.

That’s it about how to get started with Jasper AI and Copy AI.

How good is the writing assistants output and what can you get out of them?

Copy AI vs Jasper AI – Which Produces Better Content Output?

If you are looking for a quick answer, here goes – Jasper AI outputs better content than Copy AI. You can go for Jasper AI for consistent top tier content. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Copy AI gives bad content output.

Copy AI generates great copy especially when it comes to social media posts and emails. It would be best to layout the content in different parts to illustrate the comparison properly.

Long-Form Content

Copy AI comes with a wide range of templates that will help you create long-form content. For instance, it can generate intro blog posts on your behalf:

The templates are quite handy since they not only streamline the entire writing process but also the workflow. However, they tend to pale when compared to Jasper AI.

Technically, Copy AI is limited to only writing snippets from long-form content pieces. Jasper AI, on the other hand, writes everything. You only need to explain what the post is about and the assistant will handle the rest for you.

What’s more, you can edit the content output at any point, give it additional information that it can put into consideration in the course of its writing. AIso, you can make Jasper AI write more or less. However, it’s not that fast like the blog post template feature which some AI writing tools have at their disposal. But this doesn’t get in the way of its functionality and effectiveness.

The content output is equally good. However, you need to feed it relevant information to get better output. You can go through our detailed Jasper review if this piqued your interest.

Jasper AI can output more than a thousand words in a few minutes when trained. In this case, not publish-ready but might require heavy editing.

But its something you can get from a medium to low freelance writer. I gave an example of blog posts.

However, everything else applies to long-form content including sales pages and video scripts. You’ll probably write it effortlessly in Jasper AI’s long-form assistant.

While Copy AI has options for short copy (read our Copy AI review), when it comes to long form content, Jasper beats it. When a few words won’t cut it, Jasper is the way to go.

Short-Form Content

Things are a bit different when it comes to short-form content. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Jasper AI can’t handle short-form content. On the contrary, it does pretty well.

Jasper AI has tons of templates for short-form content. For instance, the social media posts are quite nice:

However, Copy AI can give Jasper AI a run for its money when it comes to short-form content. Copy AI’s short-form templates are not entirely flawless but there are a few that output publish-ready drafts. Let’s take an example of the email template:

Copy AI can help you answer any support questions, send multiple internal emails and even outreach.

Testing Jasper AI and Copy AI

Check out Jasper AI and Copy AI reviews if you want an in-depth breakdown of each one of them. Both of these reviews feature detailed breakdowns of their templates and performance tests.

If you want an overview of the review, here’s a highlight of the breakdown:

  • Jasper AI has an edge over Copy AI when it comes to generating short articles. However, it can’t compare to an actual writer.
  • Copy AI has great template outputs including marketing and email ones.
  • Output content from Jasper AI and Copy AI need heavy editing
  • Copy AI can be repetitive or just ends up repeating the input as it is

Bottom line – Neither Jasper AI nor Copy AI is entirely foolproof but the latter tends to drop the ball most of the time as compared to the former.

However, Jasper AI and Copy AI can excel with good content input. Keep scrolling if you want to know more about the different types of content that these tools support. But first, let’s talk about the templates.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which Has Better Templates?

Again, if you want a quick answer, go for Jasper AI as it has more templates that help output great content.

However, Copy AI doesn’t fall far behind in this department. In fact, it has a lot more to offer in terms of templates than its counterpart. However, some are referred to as tools:

Copy AI has more than 90 templates as compared to Jasper’s 50. The comparison of templates is almost the same as that of content output. However, Jasper AI offers better templates for long-form content.

Both Jasper AI and Copy AI allow users to customize the templates according to their personal specifications. The latter has more templates best suited for short-form content. What’s more, these two AI writing tools will let you create you own custom templates which is quite handy.

If you are going for  specific type of content, then you can create a customized template as it helps improve you workflow when creating a copy. It could be something that both tools have a predesigned template for.

For instance, you can use the video script outline to write descriptions for your YouTube videos:

However, you might end up with mixed results. You can also get high-quality copy with a customized video description template. This mean that upon submitting an input template along with an output example, AI writing assistant can create a video description to suit your needs albeit not publish-ready at that particular time.

However, if the output example features easy-to-identify characteristics, AI replicates them. For instance, it allows you to add keywords in the input example and use it as CTA towards the end of the example output.

In addition, you can talk to AI as you would a human being. And this is where Jasper boss mode plan comes into play. Even so, AI doesn’t quite comprehend nuance and language like people. The machine needs to be fed with properly structured sentences for ease of understanding. That’s why Jasper AI has an edge over Copy AI in the custom template feature department.

Save for its ability to allow users to create custom templates, you can also get long-form assistant when you subscribe to the Jasper boss mode plan. However, technically speaking, it’ll not help you generate any templates. This is because it’s a document editor that comes with an AI command.

You can change the long-form assistant to a powerful custom template tool if you are smart enough.

Jasper AI’s Advanced Template

Custom templates usually take an output and input as examples which is quite tiny for a sample size. You need to structure the information you feed the software properly for better results. This means giving the AI several inputs and outputs.

For instance, there’s a tool that you can use for generating intros for blog posts about dog food. When it was started, people used to structure information that’s not only flexible but also easy to comprehend.

This entails details about the keyword, breed and the likes. It was important to give the assistant guidance and some relevant examples of both outputs and inputs. After that, the writing assistant will analyze the sections. When click on the “compose” button, Jasper outputs content based on the templates given.

That’s it about Jasper AI’s advanced templates.

However, you can only create the templates in Jasper AI. Copy AI and other AI writing assistants don’t have relevant tools to give Jasper AI’s long-form assistant a run for their money.

Supported Languages

There’s no significant difference when it comes to supported languages. Here’s a highlight of some of the languages that Jasper AI supports:

Copy AI, on the other hand, supports these languages:

You can tell from the above examples that there are no major differences between Jasper AI and Copy AI in terms of supported languages. The tools cover Spanish, English and other common languages. The number of languages that both tools cover is quite decent.

Supported languages will be the least of your concerns when choosing the best al writing tool between Copy AI and Jasper. However, it’s a good time to check out Rytr especially if you are leaning towards the language aspect of it. It’s an al writing tool that supports more languages including Hindi.

Rytr is almost at par with Copy AI except it has an old-fashioned interface and fewer templates.

Quirks and Other Features

Copy AI is pretty much straightforward. If you are looking for a fast yet simple AI content creator or want some help overcoming writer’s block, then Copy AI is your best bet.

There are no fancy tricks or extra special features.

However, Jasper AI is quite the opposite. For starters, it has a wide variety of features that will you generate content a lot faster. What’s more, it features an SEO mode that usually enables Surfer SEO in Jasper AI’s document editor:

It would be better if Google accepted AI-generated content. But it doesn’t! However, this setup is quite handy if you are looking to upset the algorithm. Save for the SEO mode, Jasper AI additionally features a range of add-ons including grammar checker, plagiarism checker and Grammarly integration among others.

Suffice to say, Jasper AI is an excellent choice if you are looking for an extensive document editor and AI writing tool.


At this point, most of you believe that Jasper AI is all sunshine and rainbows. Hold that thought!

Jasper AI has an edge over all the other AI writing tools but it falls on the higher side of the pricing spectrum. It’s very expensive!

Jasper AI costs:

Copy AI costs:

Final Thoughts – Jasper AI vs Copy AI

Copy AI is relatively cheap and is best suited for bootstrapping marketing agencies. Plus, it comes with a wide variety of templates for short-form content. Copy AI is an excellent choice for those who do content and copy writing and want to try out AI writing tools without digging deeper into their pockets.

However, Jasper Boss Mode plan is the real deal! It comes with a ton of features, generators high-quality content and advanced long-form assistant.

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