Jasper AI vs Rytr Review: Which is Better for Content Writing?

Jasper AI vs Rytr Review: Which is Better for Content Writing?

There are a number of heavy hitters available on the market when it comes to artificial intelligence including Rytr and Jasper Al. These two are among the most popular al writing assistants. Plus, they are almost similar but each one of them comes with its own extra special features. This typically means that one will have an edge over the other based on the type of content you plan on creating.

This article compares Jasper Al and Rytr to help you make an informed decision to suit your business needs. At the end day, you’ll be able to see how the two measure up.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the features of Jasper Al and Rytr along with their pros and cons. Plus, their value for money. This is an important aspect to put into consideration especially if you plan on generating large scale content.

Both Jasper Al and Rytr are great writing tools. However, the latter has an edge over the former owing to its extraordinary breath in terms of functionality. Jasper boss mode plan is best suited for social media posts and emails as they allow you to publish articles in a few minutes. They offer Al art as well.

An Overview of Jasper Al vs Rytr – Which One is Better?

If you want a quick answer, here goes. Jasper Al is an excellent choice for freelance writers, niche site owners and bloggers. It features one shot blog posts and boss mode plan that makes creating long-form content a lot easier. This includes generating email newsletters and blog posts quickly and effectively.

In addition, Jasper Al has a new unique feature known as Jasper Art that enables users to create Al-generated images to match your content by simply clicking a button.

Rytr, on the other hand, is not quite helpful when it comes to long-form content. However, it works remarkably well for short-form content. Some of the features that make it stand out include API and Chrome extension meaning it works effortlessly with some your favourite tools and apps.

Rytr is an excellent choice for eCommerce business owners, virtual assistants and social media managers who are looking to generate great product descriptions, captions, meta descriptions, emails and short-form content.

The best thing about Rytr is that it has a free plan. Plus, it offers relatively cheap unlimited plans which makes it a great option for those working on a tight budget.

Differences Between Jasper Al and Rytr

Jasper Al was initially known as Jarvis Al. Jasper Al and Rytr have three significant differences:

Al Images

Jasper Al has a new feature called Jasper Art which is an incredible image generator. The feature allows users to generate unlimited images that match their content. We can’t say the same about Rytr.


Jasper Al is very expensive! Plus, it’s doesn’t have a free plan and their cheapest plan costs $24 monthly and Jasper boss mode plan is billed at $49 monthly. Rytr, on the other hand, has a free plan and an unlimited one that costs $29 per month.

Content Creation

Jasper Al enables generation of long-form content creation like blog posts. Plus, it offers integrations with Grammarly and Surfer SEO. The former helps fix your grammar and correct spelling while the latter, just as the name suggests, helps with SEO.

Features of Jasper Al and Rytr

Rytr and Jasper Al have a wide variety of features which means they are best suited for all types of writers. However, these features differ depending on the tool. That’s why it’s always advisable to do research to ensure you’re making an informed decision before investing.

Let’s take a dive into the comparisons.

Key Features of Jasper Al

Here’s a highlight of some of Jasper Al’s main features:

  • Templates – Jasper Al comes with more than 50 templates that are specially designed to help users with different tasks. Some of these templates include landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, emails, articles and sales copy.
  • Boss Mode Plan – This plan helps take things a notch higher when it comes to long-form content and helping you create articles a lot faster. It also allows users to give the software commands and checks your previous characters to ensure it’s giving you the best results.
  • Community – Jasper Al works remarkably well in helping and encouraging the community by sharing best practices as well as knowledge. You can share your experiences and also go through some advice from others in the community.
  • Integrations – Jasper Al integrates perfectly with Surfer SEO, Grammarly and Copyscape to help ensure you create great content that ranks better on Google.
  • Jasper Art – As earlier mentioned, Jasper Al has a new unique feature known as Jasper Art. It helps users generate high-quality images in a few minutes to match their content.
  • Language – Jasper Al helps create content in more than 25 languages.

Key Features of Rytr

Here’s a highlight of Rytr’s key features:

  • Templates – Rytr has over 30 templates that you can choose from. This means the template options are fewer than those available in Jasper Al. It’s best suited for those dealing with multi-language content since it supports more than 30 languages.
  • SEO – This Al writing assistant has many different SEO tools including SEMrush integration and keyword research tool. These two tools will help you get the most out of this software in terms of writing.
  • API – API helps you integrate Rytr with different apps.
  • Tone of Voice – Rytr offers more than 20 tones of voice that you can use to create written content. There are different options you can choose from including casual, formal, worried and passionate to ensure your blog posts portray what you need exactly.
  • Chrome Extension – You can download Rytr’s browser extension and use it anywhere including your social media, email and blogs among others.

Jasper AI vs Rytr: Which is Better?

Both Jasper Al and Rytr are great. They have many different features meaning they work remarkably well for writers in all calibers. However, the features are a bit different.

The boss mode plan makes Jasper Al stand out since it enables users generate long-for content quickly and effectively. What’s more, Jasper users can use the Jasper Art feature at an extra cost. This is the future of content creators looking to generate images for their content in record time.

Rytr, on the other hand, includes exclusive access to Chrome extension and API which are quite useful especially for those creating content across different apps. This means that it works well for virtual assistants and social media managers with different clients on different platforms.

Ease of Use

Jasper Al and Rytr are both content generation tools but they work in different ways. However, they are both designed to offer its users an easy way of writing content faster. Their dashboards are equally straightforward since they allow you to get started once you’re logged in. Beginners can also use the two platforms with ease thanks to their easy to navigate interface.

Jasper Al

Jasper Al has a built-in UI that doesn’t require experience to use since its easy to navigate. It offers a wide variety of predefined templates that makes generating content a lot easier and equally faster.

Jasper Al also works to ensure you have enough inspiration to produce long-form copy. It provides comprehensive templates for:

  • Video scripts
  • Social media
  • Product descriptions
  • Google ad content
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Intros

This includes stories and other layouts. You’ll have so many options to choose from!

The flexibility in predesigned layouts go a long way to ensure the software package is not only easy to use but also understand.

When you start a new project, you can use the predesigned templates and Jasper commands if you want to start from the bottom up. You also have the option of choosing the blog post workflow that will see you through the entire process of creating blog posts including writing a perfect introduction, body and title.


Rytr is simple to use and easy to understand since its user interface is well organized and straightforward. The easy to navigate interface along with a range of templates to choose from covering different cases of use means that you’ll produce content quickly and easily. Customization is equally intuitive and simple in terms of giving you better results.

Rytr’s Chrome extension makes creating content on the go a lot easier. In this case, you only need to download and install Google Chrome extension and you’ll be good to go. You’ll be able to use Rytr in different tools and apps with ease.

The Winner

It’s a tie! Both Jasper Al and Rytr have been designed with user experience and ease of use in mind. Navigating their dashboards and accessing different sections is easy and getting started is a walk in the park. However, they are slightly different but it narrows down to personal preference. Generally, they fall into the easy to use bracket.


Al writing tools are designed to help you save bot time and money since they mean producing content with high output a lot faster. Having accurate and concise support at your disposal plays a significant role in the entire writing process and time-saving criteria.

Both Rytr and Jasper Al provide excellent support even though they use different methods to deliver. S

Jasper Al

Jasper offers great customer service facilities that usually work remarkably well alongside the writing software. This is because Jasper Al provides a direct email facility and help center for their clients. The latter is a one-stop solution to get support.

However, it’s important to note that Jasper Al gives priority support to boss mode plan subscribers. In addition, Jasper has an active Facebook community with more than 60,000 followers. You can easily find them on social media and engage with their posts and people alike. This also means that you can get answers to your questions pretty fast.


Rytr offers top tier quality support, having facilitated FAQ resources and self-help guides and live chat support in their knowledge base. They also have a community base where you can get answers to all your questions with ease.

Priority chat and email support is always given to those subscribed to their unlimited plans. They cover a variety of topics on the support pages and that includes how billing works, along with answers to questions about writing and editing process. This means that getting answers to your questions is a breeze.

The Winner

Jasper Al and Rytr both stand out but in different ways so there’s no clear winner in this category. These Al writing tools give customer support the seriousness it deserves and offer viable solutions. With a software package like these ones, there’s always a learning curve and this is where Rytr and Jasper Al’s customer support come in handy to see you through the process.


Jasper Al and Rytr both have different pricing plans that users can sign up for to be billed per month or year. This means that there’s a pricing package to accommodate any budget to suit your business needs.

Jasper Al’s Pricing

The number of words you are going to create per month will determine the price of the package that suits your needs. This is good because you’re guaranteed to get a package that’s uniquely tailored specifically for you. Here’s a highlight of what Jasper Al offers in each package. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

  • Starter Plan – This package usually starts at 20,000 words monthly but you can always go higher if the need arises. It’s billed at $29 per month with a discount for an annual subscription. It gives you access to 50 templates and a maximum of 5 users per account.
  • Boss Mode Plan – This package starts at 50,000 words monthly and the number can increase when your need for content creation also grows. It gives you access to everything that’s available in the Starter Plan along with priority customer support, more templates and a different document editor. It’s billed at $59 monthly and a discount for annual subscription.
  • Business Plan – If you are looking to create more words and use extra unique features, Jasper Al offers this package that comes with custom plans and pricing.


Just like Jasper Al, Rytr provides a pricing plan for its users based on the content you create per month. However, this software base the pricing on the characters created each month as opposed to words.

  • Free Plan – Just as in the name, this plan is absolutely free. It gives you access to many different templates and tones of voice and allows you to generate a maximum of 10,000 characters monthly.
  • Saver Plan – It lets you generate a maximum of 50,000 characters monthly and gives you access to all the features available in the free plan. It’s billed at $9 per month with a discount for an annual subscription. It additionally features a basic plagiarism checker and premium community.
  • Unlimited Plan – It allows you to create unlimited characters per month and has everything available in free and saver plans. What’s more, you get priority customer support through email and chat along with access to a dedicated account manager. This plan is usually billed at $28 monthly and a discount for an annual subscription.

The Winner

If you are working on a budget, then Rytr Unlimited plan will come in handy since its billed at $29 per month. However, it’s always advisable to look past when price especially if plan on investing in a good Al writing assistant. Your main focus should be on what the software offers and whether it’ll suit your business needs and give you value for money.

For most people, Rytr’s unlimited plan seems like too good a deal. However, if you are comfortable with generating 20,000 words each month, then Jasper Al’s Starter Plan would be an excellent choice.

Final Thoughts – Jasper Al vs Rytr

It’s hard to tell which of the two Al writing assistants has an edge over the other. Let’s just say it’s a tie! Jasper Al and Rytr are both great. However, the latter is best suited for generating long-form content while the former thrives in things like social media posts, meta descriptions, product descriptions, short-form content and Facebook ad copy.

If you’re a content writer, blogger, website owner or copywriter looking to increase your content production, the Jasper Al would be an excellent choice for you. Jasper will help you generate content in a few minutes. It does the almost everything for you and lets you do some editing and fact checking.

Rytr, on the other hand, is a good fit for virtual assistants, eCommerce business owners, social media managers and influencers. If you are looking for a risk-free Al writing tool to try out before getting all invested, then Rytr’s free plan is the way to go. Plus, you can upgrade to their paid plan since they are equally affordable.

If money is an object, you can always go for Rytr since Jasper Al is pretty expensive!

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