Launch 27 Challenge: Day 0

The Launch 27 Day Challenge actually officially started yesterday. But you know the time zones are crazy because I’m always way ahead of United States by about 12 or so hours. Anyway, that’s a lame excuse not to get on with the challenge.

I will be documenting my day by day actions on the L27 Challenge based on my timezone.

So, Day 1 was all about taking stock. The goal is to create a multi-million dollar company. Therefore, there is no time for passion or cute ideas. We are not looking for the next big thing. Instead, we are checking proven businesses that are on the ground running and are profitable.

The businesses should also be easy to launch and with as little capital as possible.

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking of various local businesses I can start. Here are some that came off the top of my mind as well as through interactions with various people and some online sleuthing:

i) Glass repair

ii) Cleaning

iii) Photo booth rental

iv) Moving services

v) Lawn mowing

vi) Chimney cleaning

If you would like to enter the local business service market, I suggest you check out the top categories are HomeAdvisor. It’s quite a comprehensive list, which can also be great for anyone that is into local SEO or Pay Per Lead. (That is a project for another day).

Anyway, after dabbling and doing some research on the businesses, I wasn’t really sure what to pick. So, I decided to jump onto the cleaning business.

Before you say you are not interested in the cleaning business, check these Top 20 in-demand services that customers are requesting at Home Advisor:

top 20 requested projects

Here’s the link if you want to search on your own.

After deciding on the cleaning business, which is the one listed at number 13 (maid service), it was time to pick a city.

Choosing a City for Your Local Business

The city you choose can determine your overall revenue of the project. I wanted a city that has a substantial number of people and that is also not too competitive.

Yes, there is more money to be made in areas where competition is tough. However, this is my first delve into building a physical local business and I’m not confident I can handle intense competition.

The upside of choosing a city with low competition is that you can easily dominate it. The downside is that your revenue may be capped, unless you expand outside the city.

If you are interested in the top cities in the US, check this link.

That’s all for day zero.

Taking Stock: I’ve chosen my niche (cleaning) and the city that I’ll be operating in



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