Launch 27 Challenge: Day 1

For the second day, we are choosing the domain name for the business.

The domain name is what your brand will be. I usually consider choosing a domain name an easy process. Given that all the good one-word domain names have probably already been registered, you probably want to go with 2 or 3 word domain names.

Here are some things I avoid when choosing a domain name:

i) Having hyphens

ii) Opting for anything else apart from .com (especially if the other extensions have already been registered and business started)

iii) Numbers in the domain name (unless you are creating a local site where you may want to use the area code as the domain name)

I usually think of the main topic that my site will be about and then look for modifiers for it. Here are some modifiers I’ve used in the past:





For example, if I wanted my domain name to chave the word cleaner, I may modify it to,, etc.

If you are stuck on choosing a domain name, I wrote this guide a while ago that can help you. The guide has some excellent tools for choosing a domain name.

For the domain for this project, it has 3 words.

Should You Have the City Name in the Domain?

Well, it actually depends on your vision for the business. My vision is to create a million-dollar cleaning company. So, I have a hunch I may need to serve more than one city to make this vision com true. For that reason, I did not include the city in the domain name as it would have limited me when I need to expand outside the city.

Tacking stock: Domain name chosen


TOTAL COST: $6.99 (Domain purchase)


Domain Registration: or

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