Launch 27 Challenge: Building a Million Dollar Local Service Business

launch 27 challenge
Written by Don


I’m taking part in the Launch 27 Challenge. In a nutshell, this challenge is all about building a local service business in 27 days (yep, launch fast) and then scaling it to a million dollar business in 27 weeks.

First off, a little background:

I cam across a case study on Reddit in 2015 by a user LocalCaseStudy (see case study here). The case study was about how the guy, Rohan Gilkes, built a local cleaning company in 27 days. Within 2 and a half years, the business had generated over $2M in revenue.

From the case study and other posts on Reddit, many people got into a similar business and ended up generating profits.

As usual, I tried the business but never really got it started. The furthest I went was buying a domain name and installing WordPress on it.

For 2018, things are about to change. I’m all about launching projects and seeing them to completion. The local service business is one of the projects I will be tackling. I will be sharing what I’m doing, the challenges I’m encountering and any other info I find necessary to share on the blog.

By the end of 27 days, as Rohan has promised, I should have a working local service business. Of course, the results will all depend on my dedication and willingness to keep going even when things get tough.

So, here’s to a new challenge. I will keep updating this post with links to other posts related to the Launch 27 Challenge. I will also be sharing my expenses and the time spent on the project.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, you can sign up at (costs $16 a month). When you join, you’ll get tons of discounts on various tools you’ll need for the business. Rohan and the team will also be sharing a live case study on how they are building a local service business with the members in a private Facebook Group. So, I invite you to join and see how this pans up.

If you want something to get you started for free, check out Rohan’s site:

For my part, I’ve ready to rumble. Ready to make 2018 my sucker.

Cheers to a successful 2018!

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Life is too short not to be experimenting. I love the outdoors...but that's a story for another day. On this blog, I write about my experiments regarding different online ventures.

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