Rytr Review

Rytr Review

If you like speed in execution and a little bit of simplicity in an Al writing tool, then Rytr is the way to go. It has a user-friendly interface and it achieves that without compromising on functionality. Plus, it’s reasonably priced. Can these features make up for unideal templates and poor long-form output?

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What is Rytr?

It’s an Al writing assistant that helps users generate content a lot faster. Rytr is based on Open AI’s GPT-3 API just like its counterparts. It uses the open-source machine learning technology. This means that Rytr generates content for you based on the information you feed it.

Does it come up with good content? We cannot say that for certain since it’s a bit complicated. The content output is fairly good but not all the time just like with other Al writing tools. Rytr will give you decent blog ideas, video intros and product descriptions if you feed it valuable input.

From the tests we conducted, Rytr often misses the mark especially on long copy snippets. Rytr is not as effective as other Al writing assistants when it comes to generating content. Keep scrolling through this Rytr review to learn more.

How to Get Started with Rytr Al

An explainer video will pop up once you sign up for Rytr Al. It’s quite long but worth the time since it will help you create content a lot faster.

Then you’ll be thrown right into the Al software.

The above user interface is entirely of Rytr. You can do most of your editing and content creation in this screen even though it looks a bit compact.

You need to fill in a few details on the left-hand side of the screen to get started.

Once you’re done, choose a tone, language and use case for Rytr Al to create content in. Remember, Rytr supports 29 different languages. If you’re looking for an Al writing assistant that will help you generate content in multiple languages, then Rytr is your best bet. Plus, this is where it has an edge over other Al writing tools.

After choosing the use case, language and tone, the software will give you more options:

There’s a different input field for each use case. For instance, you have to describe the post when it comes to social media posts. You may need to input additional information for creative content to help Rytr generate high-quality content for you. Save for that, you’ll have to choose the number of variants.

The number of variants you go for determines the versions of output Rytr will give you. An average Al writing tool using provides three different versions of the text on default. It’s good to have an option since Rytr has relatively cheap plans with limited word counts.

Finally, Rytr Al also allows you to choose the level of creativity in terms of content creation.

I’m not certain about what this feature does. This is because I didn’t see any significant difference after trying to create content using different levels of creativity. You can choose to disregard this particular option but I might be missing something.

You get access many different tools for editing on the fly once Rytr Al generates your content.

I’ll get into the details about each of the editing features later on in this review. At the moment, it’s important to note that they are quite helpful. They can be used to fix the software’s grammar, check for plagiarism and rephrase sentences or paragraphs.

Finally, it shows you the entire history of the content writing along with changing different settings of your Rytr account.

That’s it for the quick tour! If you’re in a rush, the above information will help you.

However, you might want to continue reading this Rytr review since we haven’t highlighted everything this software is capable of doing.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Rytr Use Cases and Features

One of the best things about this Al writing tool is the ease of use and its user-friendly interface. You can do almost everything on its compact screen ranging from whipping up different social media posts to creating long-form content.

Don’t be fooled! Rytr has a compact screen but its quite powerful. Let’s explore some of its use cases and features to see what it can do.

Multi-Language Support

As earlier mentioned, Rytr supports 29 different languages including Hindi. That is something you’ll not find in Copy Al and Jasper Al even though they are the most powerful copywriting tools.

Rytr is the way to go if you’re looking to generate content in Hindi. It’s not much of a choice since it’s the only Al writing tool that supports Hindi.

I don’t know much about Hindi but I did test the tool to see how it works in other different languages like Romanian and Spanish.

The first output is nothing short of great. However, it was quite repetitive when it came to CTA as opposed to coming up with three variants.

We can focus the rest of the content in English. Rytr might be a bit buggy with the multiple languages it supports but its effective.

Advanced Editing Options

Rytr generates high-quality content and allows you to edit the output right on the screen. It gives you very helpful options. Here’s a highlight of some of the things you can do with your content on Rytr:

  • Improve – Helps fix basic grammatical mistakes
  • Rephrase – If you don’t like the lay out of the information snippet but love the content, this option rephrases it.
  • Expand – This feature expounds on the content that you like
  • Write a Paragraph – It generates content basing on the selected text
  • Shorten – Quite intuitive and does the opposite of expanding. It’s best suited for those who want to summarized the generated content or blog ideas.
  • Plagiarism checker – It allows you to check the generated content for plagiarism
  • Append – Best suited for academic writing

You can use the options provided to turn any basic Rytr’s output draft to something publish ready. Besides, you can use the paragraph tool to write any long-form content.

You can edit the Al generated content pretty fast since all these options are available in the document editor. However, you’ll have to do some heavy editing because that’s how most Al writing assistant’s work.

In this scenario, the use cases will help us determine the amount of editing one has to do.

Use Cases

If you don’t like using templates, Rytr allows you to customize your use cases according to your own specifications. The process is quite simple although it needs a little effort especially if you want to get things right.

You can come up with your own templates with customized use cases with input field and output example. It’s one of the best ways of training Rytr Al with already existing content along with creating a new and easy to use tool inside the software.

You need to go through this guide before getting started especially if you’re looking to use it. Remember, only those subscribed to the premium plan can access the tool.

The simplest and fastest way to generate content using Rytr Al is by incorporating the existing use cases. These templates will help you create meta descriptions, social media ads, and long-form articles among others. Let’s look at some of them in details to see whether or not they are effective.

Marketing Structures – PAS, AIDA

Rytr can generate high-quality content basing on existing templates of marketing copy like PAS – Problem, Agitate, Solution and AIDA – Attract, Interest, Desire, Action. According to research, these structures can help convert more especially with the copy.

Rytr, on the other hand, generates high-quality content using these templates:

The quality of the content is pretty decent although the first variant is repetitive when you ask for more copies. It’s quite normal when using Rytr Al especially when it comes to short-form content. This technical issue is something you need to keep in mind since its annoying as it is frustrating.

Blog Sections and Outlines

Let me clear up a few things before we dive into the software’s blog use cases analysis.

Google hates Al generated content especially when it comes to blog posts. Ultimately, your site will be penalized once Google finds out you’re using Al content. How they do the background check is unclear, but what is clear is that Google always gets to the bottom of it. There’s no escape!

In this case, it would be best to go the old-fashioned way when writing blog posts. However, if you’re looking to create long-form content or need a little help coming up with ideas, Rytr Al offers two different templates that will come in handy.

The template for blog outline helps you structure the article.

The sections template, on the other hand, helps you write individual sections in the blog posts. Your guess is as good as mine! The set up is not ideal for writing articles. On the contrary, Copy Al and Jasper offer better options for long-form content.

If you’re willing to risk your site being penalized, then you should know that Rytr Al isn’t best suited for writing articles.

Calls to Action

Call to action is very important when it comes to conversion rate. Where you put it doesn’t really matter whether on the sales landing page, emails or blog posts. A great CTA works remarkably well for the bottom line.

However, Rytr’s CTA use cases are not quite helpful.

It’s not only repetitive but also doesn’t pay attention to the input information. Instead, it comes up with general and basic calls to action.

Caption and Post Ideas

Rytr’s caption and post ideas use case will help you create social media posts. They are helpful to some extent.

However, they are drawn out and equally repetitive. Alternatively, use Jasper Al to create post captions since it’s a lot better. It has more social media templates with equally better output. In most cases, its usually publish-ready.

Jasper Al comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a little help with creating content for your social media platforms.

Video Ideas and Descriptions

Al writing assistants will not help you come up with video ideas even though it’s a bit complicated. In this case, you’ll need to find your own ways and think outside the box to succeed on most video-first platforms.

Al writing tools will not do that for you. However, Rytr offers great video ideas:

In some cases, video description also comes in handy.

If you’re conversant with YouTube video descriptions, then you have an idea of what is enough. Video descriptions should be relatively long, filled with references and CTAs. It’s a good starting point.

Sign up for a Rytr account to discover other different use cases. However, the ones covered in this review are the most important. Some will surprise you with high-quality and decent content. Averagely, the quality of the content that Rytr generates is not quite impressive.

Rytr’s Integrations – Saving Grace or Not!

Rytr integrates with SEMrush to help you get better keyword ideas for your blog posts. Save for that, Rytr experience cannot be spiced up any further.

However, Rytr can integrate into other different systems using their API.

Rytr takes the cake here since it’s the only Al writing assistant with this option. The only difference is that its counterparts have better integrations. For instance, Jasper Al features Grammarly, built-in plagiarism checker along with SEO mode that tends to open Surfer in the Jasper document.

Compact Design

This is the first time we’re covering the design of an Al writing tool in our review albeit not in details. Rytr features a sleek design with a compact interface that makes it have a slight edge over the others.

The reasons are quite evident especially when you’re generating a lot of content.

Here’s a little exercise.

Imagine when you need help to write a video script then a social media post and email prompts it. Rytr struggles with writing video scripts since it doesn’t have relevant use cases. However, you can come up with a customized use case for the outline of the video script.

You can skip the first part of the demonstration. Good things come right after generating your content for the first time. You can choose a different use case on the menu when using Rytr and get started with the email.

Once you’re done, you can pick a different one and create a social media post.

You’ll find the features you need in one place. Again, Rytr takes the cake in this aspect because you need to open new documents for the templates when using other Al writing assistants. It’s not all that but it really helps streamline the entire process of content creation.

It’s almost makes up for the lacking templates but that depends on the templates you plan on using. You might want to explore other Al writing tool alternatives if you need social media content only. In this case, Rytr’s compact design will not be enough. However, Rytr is an excellent choice for those looking for help with other different types of content like video descriptions and marketing copy among others.

Rytr Pricing – Affordable and Flexible

Rytr offers three different pricing plans including:

Rytr has a free plan although it’s not a great option even if you’re working on a tight budget. It generates limited characters that come down to 800 to 1000 words thereabout. This typically means that the free plan is nothing but a trial. Then there’s the starter plan which is also far from perfect.

The starter plan is billed at $9 per month for about 10, 000 words. This compared to the free plan is a lot better but not enough to make using an Al writing assistant justifiable. You need to exercise patience since mastering these things takes time.

In this case, you might need to pump out more content especially if you plan on customizing your own use cases and come up with creative content. That’s where Rytr’s most expensive plan comes into play if you are looking to invest. This is because it allows users to generate unlimited characters. Plus, it’s relatively affordable seeing that it’s billed at $29 per month.

The price of Rytr’s most expensive plan still falls on the lower side of the spectrum when you compare it to that of its competitors.

Rytr Support

Rytr has a reliable customer support that you can reach out to. You’ll see the chat heads feature at the righthand side bottom corner of the interface.

Rytr doesn’t provide chat support. However, they usually reply to chat messages within a few hours. Rytr’s knowledge base will come in handy if you don’t want customer support from an actual person.

The only limitation to Rytr’s knowledge base is accessibility. It’s nor easily accessible and that requires a lot of digging to get relevant information.

Test Performance – Is Rytr a Good Writing Assistant?

By now, you already know what Rytr can and cannot do. Let’s now narrow down to its core functionality to see whether or not is worth the investment when it comes to generating content.

For the performance test, we usually use the keywords “best dog food for active dogs” and have the Al writing assistant in question write the blog post. However, in this scenario, Rytr doesn’t have the necessary tools for writing an entire article.

For this reason, we’re going to help Rytr write the blog post using the following steps:

First, you need to create the blog post structure and this is where the blog post idea and outline tool come into play. It looks like this:

It’s not perfect. Rytr can be repetitive just like other Al writing tools. In this case, you’ll need to do a few course corrections to the outline:

Add headings related to dog food products and other things to include in the heading before listing down the products.

Use the paragraph tool to make Rytr generate the type of content you want. In this case, highlight a snippet of the text and click on paragraph option.

Here’s a highlight of the intro output:

The output is pretty decent albeit with a few hitches here and there considering the vague command. Repeat the same process for all the other paragraphs. Here are the results:

Rytr tends to struggle with factual information just like other Al writing tools. This means that you’ll need to do some heavy editing and a lot of fact checking since the software makes things up.

Generally, Rytr’s performance test is below average. Plus, it misses the mark quite often and really bad on some things.

Besides, the blog post content is equally repetitive. You can get better results with more input information on every section but the content is not publish-ready as it stands. As earlier mentioned, you’ll also have to do some heavy editing on the outline to suit your needs. On the flip side, Copy Al and Jasper can come up with better outlines using the same keywords.

Using Rytr Correctly

You know you can use Rytr the right way to get the most out of it.

For starters, I believe Rytr is a great investment especially when used to its full potential. Just like other Al writing assistants, you can’t generate high-quality content with Rytr if don’t invest in the input and that means putting in the work and effort.

By now, you already know that GPT -3 indexed at 10% only in the internet since its inception with no updates whatsoever in the recent years. For instance, GPT-3 doesn’t know of the existence of COVID. This means that you’ll need to help Rytr if you want it to generate high-quality content for you.

Who Can Use Rytr?

Rytr is best suited for everyone especially those working on a budget since its relatively cheap. Plus, its an excellent choice if you want to create content in Hindi.


Rytr is quite effective in editing short-form content. However, if you have an affiliate site and want a little help pumping out blog posts, you might want to hold off your plans of investing in Rytr. Because, as earlier mentioned, Google prefers the old-fashioned way of doing things as opposed to Al generated content.


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