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10 ThisIsWhyImBroke Similar Sites

If you have been following my TIWIB experiment, you probably know that I am taking a lot of inspiration from various sites that are similar to

Before starting the ThisIsWhyImBroke experiment, I wanted to know whether other people have replicated the website and are having success with them. If other people are having success with websites similar to ThisIsWhyImBroke, then this is a validation that I can also be successful.

Just like was the case with the success of ViralNova, many people have started ThisIsWhyImBroke similar sites.

The sites are in different niches and all seem to be doing well.

10 ThisIsWhyImBroke Similar Sites for Inspiration

In this post, I present the 10 ThisIsWhyImBroke similar sites where I am getting inspiration from. These sites are not arranged in any particular order nor do I claim that they are the best at what they do. They are just a couple that I have found during my research for my experiment.

Some of the websites are using the exact ThisIsWhyImBroke theme that I’ve chosen for my experiment.

Below is a compilation of the top 10 websites that are similar to ThisIsWhyImBroke as well as their traffic numbers.












The above represent just a small section of similar sites to ThisIsWhyImBroke. During my research, I came across over 50 websites that are similar to TIWIB. If you are looking to make a site like ThisIsWhyImBroke, I suggest you check out the existing websites for inspiration on themes to use and niches you can enter.

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