Timeline: Redirect Website Project

Timeline: Redirect Website Project

27th Nov. Installed WP on expired domain . The domain has also been indexed.

3rd Dec. Discovered the expired domain has been hacked. Had to reinstall WordPress.

9th Dec. Have been busy with other projects. Today is when I’ve managed to transfer the articles from my old site to the new site. Well, the transfer is not yet over as I have some cleaning up to do. I followed this article to help me around with the process.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to put up the images and clean up the site to be fully functional this weekend.

12th Dec. Site is fully functional but a few images are missing in some posts. I have started going through all the pages/posts in the site ensuring the links are directing to the correct pages. I’ve also started redirecting pages from the old site to new site. Will be doing about 10 redirects a day.

14th Dec. Finished redirecting all pages and updating the links and images. I thought this would be difficult but it only took me 2 days. Great. I’ve just submitted the website change request to Google. Here is my current ranking for the new site:

24th Dec. Website Hacked again. Read here. Cleaning it up

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