How I’m Prepping for Amazon Prime Day

Hey buddy,

I hope you are doing good. It’s a new month, and if you’ve been building your online business, it’s time to up the momentum.

If you haven’t yet started your business, or are not actively working on it, what’s up? Did you know that every action or inaction you take today is shaping your future?

For me, I’m just been on the grind here, making moves like a chess player.

I just got word that this year’s Amazon Prime Day will be held sometime in June, instead of the usual July. The date’s not been confirmed yet, but this means you have a whole full month to prepare.

This is the time to get your site ready for Amazon Prime Day.

Do some keyword research related to your niche to see what products people are usually looking for during prime day.

Just head on to Google and type “your niche + amazon prime day”. You’ll get recommendations of what people search.

Get down, write the articles related to the Prime Day deals and publish them ASAP so that they start ageing on Google. In a month, the pages could be ranking.

And if they won’t be ranking yet, you can send traffic to them through different methods.
Think sharing the pages on Facebook Groups, Twitter, industry forums, and even paid ads.

If you have an email list for your website, send them a message today just to warm them up. You want the list to be familiar with you by the time Amazon Prime Day is announced.

And if you don’t have an email list, use this tool to quickly generate emails. I’ve been using the tool since last month and check the results I’m seeing with one of my niche sites:


Set up the tool (takes only about 15 minutes), share the link and watch your email list grow.

If you are not sure where to share your links, hit me up. I’ll send you my personal list of sites where I’ve been sharing my links to grow my email list.

But you need the tool first. So make sure you’ve set it up before requesting the list of sites.

I wish you a very good week ahead, and even a better month.

Keep grinding.

And best of all, take action.

Your rewards will be proportional to your efforts.

Don G

PS: Here the link to the Email Growth Tool.

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