The $100K Project!

The $100K Project!

Phew, what a title!

I’ve been debating for some time now whether or not I should write this post. It’s been on my mind for days and I know I really want to build an online business and hit $100,000 in profits. I mean, who doesn’t?

This is not going to be the typical niche site. This is going to be a real, branded online business. Something that customers will trust and feel proud to be associated with.

When I hit my goal, I will reveal the business to everyone.

The Master Plan

I have a lot of thoughts in my head but putting them down in a blog post is a little challenging. I can see the whole vision. I see the business. Let me try to articulate my thoughts.

Niche Site

First off, the site will start as a niche site. A typical Amazon niche site. You are all familiar with niche sites.


Apart from being an Amazon affiliate, I will have an ecommerce section on the website. Here, I will be dropshipping products to customers.

Branded Items

Finally, I plan to create my own products for the market and sell them directly to customers. This will be the third aspect of my plan that I hope will enable me to hit $100K.

By the way, the $100k is monthly profit, not annual sales.

Think is too ambitious? Let me know.

30 Days Plan

In every post, I will be outlining what I plan to do for the next 30 days. For this update, let me indicate what I’ve already done:

i) Chosen the niche

ii) Bought domain name and installed WordPress

iii) Written 5 articles on the site

My next goals are:

i) Make a list of competitors in the niche

ii) Create a logo for the website

iii) Customize the website theme

iv) Write 15 articles to end up with 20 articles

v) Come up with 500 – 1000 keyword ideas for the posts

Ultimately, I want this website to the go-to resource for the niche. It will have lots of content, which will be good for attracting links and building authority.

Right now, my thoughts are all over the place. But this is a project I am sticking on. In fact, it’s the last major project I will be handling for the next 3 years. So, by 2022, I should have an update on how I reached $100k.

I’m confident this is something I will achieve.


I will be providing updates for this project at least once a month. Sometimes, I may post multiple updates within a month if there’s something significant that has been achieved.

Once in a while, I will also dive deeper into the exact strategies I will be implementing for the project. For example, I can do posts on keyword research, link building, and so on.

The game is on. Here are all the entries of the project:

  1. The $100K Project – Episode 1-April, 2019
  2. 100K Project: Episode 2 (Resurrecting my Niche Site)-May, 2019
  3.  100K Project: Episode 3 (Content Work)-June, 2019
  4. 100K Project: Episode 4 (The Baseline) -July, 2019
  5. 100K Project: Episode 5 (Flatline) -August, 2019
  6. 100K Project: Episode 6 (End of Q1)-September, 2019
  7. 100K Project: Episode 7 (Burn Out)-October, 2019
  8. 100K Project: Episode 8 (Marginal Traffic Gains)-November, 2019
  9. 100K Project: Episode 9 (6 Months In)-December, 2019
  10. 100K Project: Episode 10 (Moving Up Like the Jettisons)-January, 2020
  11. 100K Project: Episode 11 (Maintaining)-February, 2020
  12. 100K Project: Episode 12 (Above Average) – March, 2020
  13. 100K Project: Episode 13 (Turn on the Display) – April, 2020
  14. 100K Project: Episode 14 (Slow Down Keep Your Wheels in Motion) – May, 2020
  15. 100K Project: Episode 15 (1 Year On) – June, 2020
  16. 100K Project: Episode 16 (Hit the First Floor) – October, 2020
  17. 100K Project: Episode 17 (Hello, 2000!) – June, 2021

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