100K Project: Episode 5 (Flatline)

100K Project: Episode 5 (Flatline)

It’s time for another update on my 100K Project. This is going to be a short update as my August was packed with a lot of activities on various ventures but not this project.

To recap, here’s what I’d planned for August from the last post.

  • Content: Write 100 posts.
  • Promotion: Get 1000 visitors to the site as well as set up five Twitter accounts, make a Pinterest-like site, set up a Q&A site, and set up five new Pinterest accounts.

August Content Work

In a nutshell, I did not hit all the goals I’d set for August. For content, I managed to get 60 articles written. I have two members of my team doing all the writing for this project. These are my writers from TheContentBear.

The writers could have done more but we got swamped with new content requests at the writing agency. We had to pause writing content for this project and concentrate on client work.

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August Content Promotion

I wasn’t able to do any notable content promotion last month. This is mainly because I was concentrating on creating content.

However, I was able to create five Pinterest accounts like I’d targeted and I occasionally answered some questions on Quora.

I got 936 views in Quora in August. This was a reduction of 54 views from the 990 views I got in July. I could have gotten more if I’d put more time into it.

quora marketing
100K Niche Site Project Quora, 1st September

Coming to Pinterest, I did not put as much effort as I would have liked to do. I only managed to create five accounts and posted some pins to create the initial content. There’s nothing major to report about the pins as well as traffic.

The same also goes for the five Twitter accounts that I created. In fact, for these accounts, I only got them set up and followed 10 people on each of them.

Other things that I did in August include:

i) Q&A Site

I’m making my own Q&A site for my 100K project site niche . I’ll grow the site side by side with the main project site. The Q&A website will be used to funnel traffic to the project site.

I bought the site’s domain name and set up WordPress on it. I’m currently looking for a good theme that has all the functionalities I’ll need for the Q&A site.

ii) Pinterest Site

This site is going to be similar to Pinterest with some twist of ThisIsWhyImBroke. The site is developed to cater for the niche of my main site. I have already bought the domain name and installed WordPress. At the moment, I’m looking at different themes that I can use to get that Pinterest like feel.

I could also use a theme like ThisIsWhyImBroke but at the moment, I specifically want the site to spot a Pinterest feel.

iii) Expired Domain

I also managed to get an expired domain with quality backlinks through backorder from DropCatch. I’m going to set up some content on the expired domain, let it age for a few months (about 6 months) and then, depending on how it performs, redirect it to my main project site.

iv) Backlinks

I realized that the majority of the foundational backlinks that I’d order from RankHeat in May had not been indexed. Therefore, I decided to get them indexed. I used Backlinks Indexer, which is a backlinks indexing software, to get the links found by Google. As you know, there is no value in creating backlinks that can’t be found by Google search spiders.

That’s a rundown of the activities I did in August for the 100K Project site.

Overall, I’m happy with the amount of content that was written. On the other hand, I’ve been slacking on promotion.

However, I’m not really worried about the promotion activities at the moment. When I hit my target of publishing 200 articles (which should be done by the end of this month), I’ll go beast mode on promotion.


Let’s check some stats to get some perspective:

SEMRush Stats

The site is steadily growing and more keywords are getting picked up the SERPs. Here is what SEMrush shows for the site in August.

100K Project; Semrush Stats August, 2019
100K Project; Semrush Stats August, 2019

Google Analytics

Coming to traffic numbers, this is what Google Analytics shows for August.

august sessions
Niche Site Traffic – August

I just had over 500 visitors in August. This is about 50% of my target, which was 1000 visitors for the month. I think I could have gotten more visitors but my site went offline for 3 days as I was changing hosting services. I was using a local Kenyan company to host my site but their downtimes were too much.

I have now moved my sites to NameHero and since then, I’ve had nothing but a great experience with them.

I’ll try to beat my goal of getting 1000 visitors to the site this month.

Ahrefs Stats

Here are the stats from Ahrefs:


Earnings for August dropped, as expected, to just over $17. I’m not really worried about the earnings at this point as I still have a couple of content pieces to post before I seriously start driving traffic to the site and optimizing the articles for conversions.

Still, it feels good to get some earnings for all the work I’m putting in.

project 100k earnings
100K Project Niche Site Amazon Earnings August 2019

I am also monetizing the content with VigLink, and earned $1.90 in August

September Goals

I’m trying to stick to the big picture that I have for the site and follow the timelines I outlined. The timelines are:

  1. Short term – Publish 200 articles on the site (July to September).
  2. Medium-term – Optimize and expand the content based on performance (October to December)
  3. Long term – Diversify monetization (December – February)

The short term goal above (publish 200 articles) should be done by the end of September. I’m confident I’ll be able to achieve it before the end of the month.

On reaching 200 published articles, I’ll get on the medium-term goal of expanding and optimizing the content. I’ll also put in more time on content promotion.

Here is a rundown of what I plan to do in September

i) Finish the remaining articles to have a total of 200 published articles

ii) Find and set up WordPress themes on my Q&A and Pinterest-like sites

iii) Publish some content on the Q&A and Pinterest-like sites

I’ll also be touching my Pinterest and Twitter accounts. However, they won’t be a priority this month.

That’s all I have for the 100K Project update. If you have specific questions about the site, join the Niche Site Vault Facebook Group. You’ll get help from me and other online entrepreneurs building successful businesses.

Are you building a niche site? How is your site fairing?

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