100K Project: Episode 3 (Content Work)

100K Project: Episode 3 (Content Work)

It’s a new month and time for an update on my 100K Project. In my last update, I indicated that I’d decided to resurrect the project after an 8-month hiatus. That’s exactly what I did.

In June, I did a lot of content work for the site. In total, I published 31 articles. The site now has a total of 53 articles that are live. My only issue is that I’ve not had time to go through the articles to optimize them with keywords, proofread them, etc. My rationale for posting the articles as they are is to simply get them to “age” on Google’s index.

With time, I’ll go back to the articles, proofread them, interlink where necessary and optimize them with my target keywords.

What Was Accomplished in June

I feel like June was the most productive month that I’ve ever had with a niche site. This is because I concentrated only on this one site, while putting others on hold.

In fact, I’ve decided not to continue working on my other sites at the moment. I have a couple that I’m considering to sell. These make a few $100 a month. I’ll make a page for the available websites that I’m putting up for sale.

Why I’m I selling the sites? Well, to simply reduce what’s on my plate. I’ve come to learn that when I’m running 10 niche sites at a go, I never really get to move as fast as I would have loved. That’s it.

Anyway, should the situation change, I may get back to building the sites later on. But at the moment, I’m seriously considering selling them. If you have a budget of $2000 or more and would want to buy an aged niche site, let’s talk.

So, back to what was accomplished in June.

Content Work

I published 31 articles on the site. Most of the articles are the KGR types, with a few informational ones.

Link Building

I hired a VA to create content for a few Web2.0s properties I’ve had for the longest time. Planning to post the content this month.

I also ordered content from TheContentBear for my PBN sites. I have about 30 articles on the pipeline that will be dripfed with links pointing to my site.

I also bought foundational links for the site.


I’ve been using Tailwind to schedule pins to my site. So far, I’m not seeing any good results that people claim to have. Guess I haven’t cracked the code yet.

Here’s my Tailwind performance dashboard screenshot.

Tailwind Referral Traffic - June
Tailwind Referral Traffic – June

Traffic Stats

I installed Google Analytics last month and will be tracking visitors using it, henceforth. For June, here’s what the side had in terms of traffic.

Niche Site Traffic – June

Not much to report, but I’m happy to see things going up.

Do you see the spike of traffic at around 10th June? Well, that was some Reddit traffic that I was testing. One of the things that I’ve decided with my online business is to never depend on one source of traffic, especially Google. With the updates and all, it makes sense to know where I can get traffic even if Google doesn’t send some love down to my site.

This experiment is going to be fun as I want to diversify traffic as much as I can from SEO traffic.

SEMrush Stats

Here’s what SEMrush had for June. Happy to see lots of keywords are getting picked, despite the articles not having been properly optimized.

100K Project; Senrush Stats May, 2019
100K Project; Semrush Stats June, 2019

The increased traffic is a direct result of the new articles that I’ve posted on the site.

Ahrefs Stats

For Ahrefs, you can also see traffic and the number of keywords that have been picked are also increasing. A couple of backlinks have also started to be picked.

100K Niche Site Project Ahrefs, 1st July
100K Niche Site Project Ahrefs, 1st July


My earnings for June dropped by $3, from $10 to $7

Here’s what I had from Amazon and Viglink

100K Project Niche Site Amazon Earnings 1st July 2019
100K Project Niche Site Amazon Earnings 1st July 2019


100K Project Niche Site Viglink Earnings 1st July 2019
100K Project Niche Site Viglink Earnings 1st July 2019

6 Months Plan

Since it’s mid year, I thought I should make plans for the niche site for the remainder of the year. My plan is to stick to this project up to the end of the year and see where I can take it in terms of brand and earnings.

I’ve categorized my plans into short, medium, and long-term. This is what I have in mind.

  1. Short term – Publish 200 articles on the site (July to September)
  2. Medium-term – Optimize and expand the content based on performance (October to December)
  3. Long term – Diversify monetization (December – February)

Do it all over again

Apart from this, I’ll be doing link building and promotion concurrently, all through the months.

For July, I’ll just be concentrating on creating content and building Web 2.0 links.  I plan to have at least 50 more articles published on the site by the end of the month, to have over 100 articles.

That’s my update for the niche site project. If you are also building a niche site, l’ve just set up a new Facebook group where we can keep each other accountable and learn along. Here’s the link if you are interested to join.

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