Niche Site Project – Making $500 in Passive Income in 6 Months (Update 3)

Niche Site Project – Making $500 in Passive Income in 6 Months (Update 3)

Damn, how quickly time flies.

It’s time for an update of my Niche Site Project (Makin $500 in Passive Income in 6 Months) update. This is my third month into the project.

I’ve been debating whether or not to make an update on this project because I don’t feel like I will provide any value. However, I’ve just decided to make the update to make me eat the humble pie and push me to work harder on the project.

I really did not have time to work on everything I’d planned to do last month. I’ve been tied up with a couple of projects on the side that have been taking most of my time. For example, we have been busy at, creating content for some niche site owners.

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Back to the update, I feel I should have done more for this niche site than I managed to do in April.

So, in April, I only wrote 3 articles for the niche site. These were best x product type of articles that I have on my list of potential keywords I’m supposed to write articles about.

We don’t have much to report for April so let’s jump right into the stats.

Niche Site Project April Review

Below is an overview of the site’s stats for April.

Semrush Stats

Niche Site SEMrush Stats 2nd May 2019

My traffic is steadily rising even without building any backlinks. The secret to this rise, which is really no secret at all, is that have been targeting keywords that fit the KGR formula.

Ahrefs Stats

Here’s what Ahrefs is showing for the site:

Niche Site Ahrefs Stats 2nd May 2019

Compared to April’s stats, organic traffic has jumped from 6 to 56. That’s an additional 50 visitors.

The site’s keywords have also improved from 247 to 320.

I didn’t build any backlinks to the website nor did I try to secure them from any sources. I’m planning to get a couple of more articles published before I begin focusing on link building.

Google Analytics

For May, I got the highest number of visitors since I started the site. We are now at 534 visits from 315 visitors in March. Some of my KGR articles have started ranking on the first page of Google and this may explain the increase in visits.

Niche Site Google Analytics Stats 1st May 2019


Coming to the sweet part, the site made a total of $12.83 in April, compared to $4.90 in March. That’s an improvement of $7.93. Ha, ha, not much. But at least I’ve recouped the cost of registering the domain name!

Niche Site Amazon Earnings 1st May 2019

May Goals

I really do not have any solid goals for May. My plan is to continue writing content for the site. I know there are lots of goals I set for the past months that I wasn’t able to achieve. I’ll revisit my previous posts and check which of the goals I’d not attained can be tackled.

If worst comes to worst, I will make sure that I publish at least four articles on the site this month.

That’s all for this update.

How are you doing with your niche site? Let me know in the comment section below.

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