The $100K Project – Episode 1

The $100K Project – Episode 1

It’s been a while since I updated the $100K project. The truth is that there was nothing going on with the project for the last eight months.

I just came back to working on the site over the last two weeks, and I’ve laid the plan on what’s to come.

Over the last eight months, a lot has happened in the SEO landscape. It seems like updates have become the norm in this industry.

For me, my main websites were hit hard by some of the Google updates. I’ve been trying to get them to recover while also building my content marketing business at

I’ve also had the sideshows that are expected in business. For example, one of my main niche site websites was negative-SEO’d with thousands of spam links. I’ve just let it lie there for the time being.

Back to the project at hand.

The $100K project site was started in response to Spencer Haw’s Niche Project 4. I just read on his monthly update that he just cracked over $500 in affiliate earnings for his site in April.

That is what consistency brings.

For my part, I’ve struggled with being consistent with most of my projects. Perhaps this explains why I have a bunch of half-done ideas and niche sites all over. What if I’d just concentrated on one site for a year?

Challenge is on me.

$100K Project Update

At this time, I’ve written just 22 articles for the website. The articles are a mix of informational and money articles. I’ve been fashioning the content around the KGR method to help me with quick rankings and traffic.

For some perspective, here is how the site has been performing since I started it in September 2018.

Ahrefs Stats

100K Project; Ahrefs Stats May, 2019


You can see the site’s UR and DR are really low. This is because I’ve not built any backlinks to the site. The links showing are the usual automatic links by site and image scrapers.

Current traffic according to Ahrefs is 84.

Semrush Stats

100K Project; Senrush Stats May, 2019

This is what SemRush shows about the site. You can see traffic started picking up in January this year. And this is also confirmed by the Amazon earnings below.

Income Stats

100K Project; Income Stats May, 2019

The site did not make any money in 2018. In 2019, it has made a total of $40 at this time.

Traffic Stats

100K Project; Traffic Stats May, 2019

Here’s what I have to show for traffic.

There is nothing to celebrate here.

However, I have some plans for the site for the coming 90 days. The plan mostly revolves around creating content and backlinks.

For content, I have come up with over 200 keywords that I plan to write content about. I got this idea from Chris Lee’s blog post on how much content a new site should have.

Moreover, at this time, Spencer also has about 130 articles, which has netted him $500. I guess it’s a numbers game, and those with the numbers win.

My goal is to have over 200 articles published on the site by the end of the year.

Apart from creating content, I will also be building links to them. We all know that without links, getting organic search traffic can be a tall order.

I have different ideas on how to build links and I’ll be expounding on them in my future posts. However, here are some ideas I will be testing:

  • Creating a resource for the industry and getting links to it
  • Broken link building method
  • Guest posting

I’ve also been doing a couple of things for the site but I’ve not been organized or disciplined enough to track the activities. Here are some things I’ve been doing:

  • Made a list of competitors in the niche
  • Come up with various keywords to target
  • Joined different affiliate networks for the site
  • Found products to dropship from AliExpress
  • Change the theme of the site to Ecommerce by MyThemeShop

I’ll be creating an Excel Worksheet to help me stay more organized for this project.

This was just a back-to-life post on resurrecting the $100K project site. I will be blogging more consistently about what I’m doing every month.

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Some nice link you should check about building sites around display ads: John Dykstra Interview (Damn, he has over 3200 pages and makes over $40,000 with his sites, without worrying about link building. This is another proof that niche sites are all a numbers game)

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