100K Project: Episode 10 (Moving Up Like the Jettisons)

100K Project: Episode 10 (Moving Up Like the Jettisons)

Guys, welcome to another update of the $100K Project. If you missed the last update, you can read it here.

You can also get all the episodes of this project at this link.

I don’t have much to write for this update because there was literally very minimal activity on the site from my end. I started my January all tied up with client work at TheContentBear.com

As a result, I wasn’t able to put much time into this project.

Despite this, the site’s metrics have been on an upward trend. Traffic and earnings increased in January.

Going Back to the Basics

In January, I tried my hand on Pinterest. I’ve followed quite a few courses on Pinterest and done everything they have recommended. However, I just can’t seem to crack the Pinterest code. Perhaps it’s my niche or I’m missing something, but traffic from Pinterest has been very minimal. In fact, I feel I wasted my time on the platform considering the results I got.

6 Months Pinterest Traffic

As you can see from the Google Analytics screenshot above, Pinterest has just brought 175 users to the site. What you don’t see is that the data is from July 2019 to January, 2020. That’s a whole 6 months with just 175 visitors!

Now, you really understand what I mean when I say I haven’t cracked the code yet. I just don’t know how other people are getting thousands of visitors from the social network while I can’t. I’m taking a break from Pinterest at this time. Will probably check it out later.

However, since I have already paid for a Tailwind subscription, I will simply load my account with images and schedule them to be posted over the days. No more doing the grunt work on Pinterest!

With that said, in February I’ll be mainly concentrating on getting links. Here, I’m looking at adding 15 links (5 from PBNs and 10 through guest posts), and hopefully a couple of 100 links from link outreach using the Shotgun method.

My priority is the Shotgun link building method, which I’m currently studying and implementing.

Apart from this,  there are a couple of things I will be doing:

i) Continue building an email list for the niche site.

ii) Optimize the site’s content using Surfer SEO.

iii) Drive traffic from Quora, Yahoo Answers, and other forums

With that said, let’s get to the visuals to see how the site performed.


The site had it’s highest earnings in January. To be honest, I was expecting the earnings to drop after the December holiday rush. But I guess the site is getting stronger over time.

I earned $371 from Amazon.

Project 100K Amazon Earnings (January, 2020)
Project 100K Amazon Earnings (January, 2020)


More keywords are getting picked up by SEMrush. Loving the upward trajectory.

100K Project; SEMrush Stats January, 2020
100K Project; SEMrush Stats January, 2020


Overall, I think Google is starting to give me some love. Got a hundred more visitors in January, from 1.6K to 2.3K. This month’s goal is to hit 3000 visitors for the month.

January Traffic
January Traffic

I also decided to throw in some Google Console and Ahrefs stats today. Here is how they are looking:

Google Console

January Impressions


Ahrefs January, 2020 Stats

February Goals

I’ve realized I haven’t really been good at sticking to the monthly goals that I make. I guess there is just too much going on at the moment that sticking to goals is a challenge for me.

However, I’ll try to do better this time.

For February and March, I’ll be going through all articles and optimizing them based on the recommendations of Surfer SEO. This month, I’m looking to optimize and improve upon 60 articles. What I mean is I’ll be passing the articles through Surfer SEO and making the recommendations they suggest.

Apart from this, I will be building links to the articles. My goal is to get 10 new links from guest posting, 5 links from my PBNs, and 100 links through Shotgun Link method.

I’ll also be occasionally jumping on Quora, Pinterest, forums, and even blog comment sections to get the word out about my brand. I’m hoping these extra activities will help to proof the business from the regular Google updates.

And before I forget, I’m also building an email list.  At the moment, I only have 24 subscribers, yay!

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