Niche Site Project – Making $500 in Passive Income in 6 Months (Update 2)

Niche Site Project – Making $500 in Passive Income in 6 Months (Update 2)

April is here and it’s time for my niche site update.

To recap, the goal of this project is to earn at least $500 from the niche site in 6 months. I’ve just completed my second month.

Here is what I have to report.

Let’s do a recap of the goals I’d set for March:

i) Link building. (I was to concentrate on broken link building tactic as well as create a link worth source)

Well, I did not attain this goal. I started the broken link building campaign and found over 100 broken URL targets from my competition. However, creating the content to be used for link baiting took a lot of my time. I only managed to create two pieces of content for this endeavor.

I could have emailed the website owners with the broken links and asked them to link to the content I’d created. However, I realized that my blog comprised mostly of commercial content; the best x for x type. I didn’t feel that the website owners would gladly link to my site when I have 95 percent commercial content. This is why I shelved the plans to start the broken link building outreach.

Anyway, it’s not a lost cause. The current plan is to write all the content for the broken link building campaign so that the site doesn’t look to have commercial content only. From there, I will start reaching out to the webmasters with broken links to ask for a link.

I also did not manage to create a LINK WORTHY SOURCE for the blog. I dilly-dallied with a couple of ideas but never got to implement any of them

ii) Referral Traffic (The goals was to drive traffic to my site using Pinterest and Instagram)
I started a Pinterest account and started to follow some influencers in my niche. I also shared a couple of posts from my blog. I am using Tailwind to publish.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stick to my Pinterest posting schedule. I’ve just been pinning images from other websites to create my boards and make my account look legit. For my content. I’ve not had time to create pinnable images.

Instagram was also a miss in March. I followed a lot of people but never got to post an update. Again, I failed due to lack of time.

For April, I’m planning to hire a freelance graphic designer to help me with creating the images for Pinterest and Instagram. This should help me be active on both Pinterest and Instagram.

iii) Lead Generation (create an ebook and use it to generate leads)
Well, I never did this. I got swamped up with client work at The Content Bear.

At The Content Bear, we write SEO-optimized, long-form content for Amazon affiliate websites. You can test our services here. Enter the coupon code “NSV2019” to get 30% off your first order.

iv) Content Creation (write 4 KGR articles and one cornerstone article)

I wrote 3 KGR articles but did not manage to write the cornerstone article I’d planned.

Overall, I did not achieve my goals as planned. Of course, I started most of the goals but did not see them to completion.

For April, I’ll finish up with the pending goals for March. I want to especially focus on driving traffic to the website as I’m now getting into the third month of the project and have no significant revenues to report.

I’ve also been debating on adding a different stream of income to the website. In particular, I’m thinking of starting to sell some merchandise related to the niche to help me hit my income goals by the 6th month.

Niche Site Project March Review

Here’s an overview of how the site performed in March

Semrush Stats

Niche Site SEMrush Stats 2nd April 2019

Comparing the stats from those of February, I can see that traffic has stopped decreasing and has now moved to 10 organic visitors. Moreover, the number of keywords that the site is ranking for has improved from 130 to 167.

Ahrefs Stats

Like is the case with Semrush, the keywords on Ahrefs have improved.

Niche Site Ahrefs Stats 2nd April 2019

Organic traffic has increased from 4 to 6, organic keywords have increased from 165 to 247, and backlinks have increased from 5 to 7.

The increase in keywords ranking is mainly due to the new articles I’ve been posting getting picked up by Google.

Google Analytics

For March, I saw an increase in the number of users on the website. Here are the stats.

Niche Site Google Analytics Stats 1st April 2019

Site visitors increased from 218 to 315 and sessions increased from 223 to 323.  This is still negligible but it adds up in the grand scheme of things.


The site is an Amazon affiliate site. However, I want to venture into print on demand to reach my income goals faster. I’m following this course for the POD.

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For income, the site made $4.90. This is an increase of $3 from last month’s $1.88

Niche Site Amazon Earnings 1st April 2019

April Goals

For April, my goal is to finish all the tasks I had for March. These include:

i) Start a broken link building campaign

ii) Create 4 KGR articles and one cornerstone article

iii) Create a Lead Magnet for the site

iv) Create a link-worthy resource for the site.

v) Build and drive traffic to the site using Pinterest and Instagram

Apart from the above, I will be delving into print on demand by following this course.

This is my update of the niche site project for this month.

How are you doing with your website?

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