Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs

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We all love babies. Most of us derive joy from spending money on them which is a great thing. However, babies are quite expensive. Fortunately, you can promote different baby products that you trust thanks to the curation of affiliate programs. In so doing, you can build a passive income stream and earn extra cash while at it.

Baby Products Affiliate Programs that Will Earn You Extra Cash Online

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need capital to start out. This is because you don’t need to invest on anything upfront. What more, you can choose to do the promotions on your social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Promoting baby products on your social media accounts saves you the hassle that comes with building a website.

In fact, this is the right time to join the affiliate marketing industry since it’s expected to gain more traction by 2030 by almost $37 billion.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s safe to say that investing in a website would be a good idea especially if you don’t have one up and running already. Building a website is a great trajectory for those looking to join affiliate marketing to generate passive income in the long term.

In addition, you can encourage the affiliate links to keep earning for you by having amazing content and benefitting from organic traffic.

Amazon Associates

Amazon has a well-known and one of the most popular affiliate programs. For the most part, associates use the platform to promote a wide range of products and baby products are no different. You can find everything you need on the marketplace ranging from organic onesies made of cotton, safety must haves for babies to nursery décor.

Amazon is hands down the best affiliate program to sign up with especially if you are looking to promote products regardless of the niche you opt for.

You can check out this review to establish whether or not is best suited for your site – Amazon affiliate program review. The cookie duration is 24 hours and they have a fixed commission rate of 3% on baby products.

Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby is almost like a one stop shop for all baby products since they tend to sell everything ranging from personalized gifts to nursery furniture. Bloggers looking to post reviews on baby products and anything similar in content stand to benefit the most from this particular affiliate program.

The cookie duration is 24 hours and their commission rates vary depending on the products. For instance, 3% on qualified orders, 1% on gift card sales and $6 for each customer creating new registry.


Etsy is a renowned art and craft marketplace. However, it also doubles up as one of the most popular affiliate programs for baby gifts niche. Things like handmade baby toys, baby shower props and custom baby clothing among others are some of the treasured items you can get on Etsy.

The cookie duration is 30 days while their commission rate is at 4% for each sale.

Ergo Baby

We all know that baby carriers have been around since time immemorial. However, Ergo Baby makes the best carriers available on the market especially when it comes to style, comfort and safety. This affiliate program is ideal for promoting a range of baby carrying products that can be used to encourage natural sitting positions which is crucial for development.

Save for baby carriers, you can also get other essentials like sleeping bags, diaper bags and swaddles among others. What’s more, Ergo Baby has an international online store which typically means that the affiliate program is best suited for bloggers with audience globally.

The commission rates for this affiliate program usually starts at 4% for each sale with a 30-day cookie duration.


Gone are the days of bulky diapers made of fabric that needed thousands of pins to keep it securely in place. This is where Grovia comes into play.  They make the use of clothing diapers convenient and equally easy thanks to their environment friendly initiative. You are missing out on a lot of things if you don’t know about this affiliate program.

What’s more, cloth diapers are best suited for babies and toddlers alike. This means that you can make more money and also save at the same time. This is a win-win situation for everybody.

The commission rate starts at 10% per sale and a cookie duration of 45days. However, the program is only available to those in Canada and United States.

Goumi Kids

Goumi Kids is the way to go if you are looking for some of the most stylish yet practical baby clothes – baby clothes are barely practical. They have gorgeous baby clothes that are equally functional as they feature things like reinforced knees for the crawling little ones, bum flaps for ease of diaper change and convertible feet to help match the baby’s body temperature.

If you are into giving back to the society then you should know that Goumi Kids always donates 10% of the profits to support vulnerable people. Their commission rates start at 8% per sale and a have a 10-day cookie duration.


Lovevery affiliate program for baby products is part of famous ShareASale affiliate network. Majority of us are conversant with Lovevery since most of their baby toys are usually research-backed. Initially, they launched popular gym toys for playing but they have grown over the years to offer many different baby toys for different development stages.

This affiliate program has a 30-day cookie duration and their commission rates start at 10% per sale.


DockATot is also another baby products affiliate program that is part of the ShareASale affiliate network. Their average order value stands at $165 which is not bad especially since their commission rate is 10% per sale.

The hand sewn baby loungers are made from high-quality materials and the designers had safety in mind when making them. DockATots are available in two different sizes. One is for little ones up to 8 months while the other is best suited for younger toddlers. This product is easy to promote since both sleep-deprived and expectant mothers tend to look for different solutions to help the baby sleep safely and better.

As earlier mentioned, this baby products affiliate program has a10% commission rate and a 90-day cookie duration.

Happiest Baby

The Snoo Smart Sleeper inventors, Happiest Baby is one of the best brands that looks into sleep-deprived mothers. They have innovative baby products specially designed to help encourage the little one to sleep and gives the parent peace of mind allowing you to rest.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper helps create a peaceful and equally comfortable environment as it mimics the movements and sounds of the womb. The idea is to prevent the babies from waking up and comforting them when they do. The best thing about using it is that it usually generates sleep reports and sends it to your smartphone.

However, this affiliate program is not all sunshine and rainbows. This is because the Snoo costs an arm and a leg! You can check out Happiest Baby as they sell a range of baby products including educational materials, swaddles and baby clothes.

This affiliate program offers a 4% commission rate per sale or a $50 commission flat rate and have a 30-day cookie duration.

The Cute Kid

The Cute Kid is not your average baby products affiliate program. In this case, instead of sharing the products with your target audience, they’ll be required to participate in a photo contest using your unique link. The contest usually runs monthly for children between o-12 months and winners take home a cheque of up to $25,000.

The Cute Kid baby affiliate program is best suited for beginners as it requires lots of remarketing materials and coaching on how to convert the visitors.

The affiliate program offers a $16 commission rate per sale and has a 120-day cookie duration.


Changing your baby’s diaper whether you are using cloth or disposable ones is an uphill task once they learn how to kick their tiny legs and roll around. One of the best baby products that Snoofybee offers is the changing mat that helps hold the baby’s arm to keep them out of thee way while preventing them from rolling over.

There’s a suction bowl and tooth brushing aid available on their online store. These baby products are uniquely designed to make some of the most difficult parts of parenting easier.

The affiliate program has a 45-day cookie duration and offers a 20% commission rate per sale.


If you are looking for an affiliate program for baby products with an international online store, then Wonderbly is your best bet. Wonderbly sells personalized books for different occasions and make incredible keepsakes for different ages.

Both new and seasoned affiliate marketers will love that they offer many different marketing materials for different platforms. It’s great news especially if you are looking to promote the products on your social networks and website alike. What’s more, they always release new and custom-made materials for campaigns.

The affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate per sale and have a 30-day cookie duration.

Organic Baby Food

Organic Baby Food was an initiative by parents in different coworking spaces in Berlin. Currently, it’s one of the leading suppliers of, just as the name suggests, organic baby food in Europe. They usually sell some of the most common brands like Holle and HiPP, Lebenswert and goatmilk and hypoallergenic alternatives.

In addition, this baby products affiliate program offers the option of bulk and single purchases. If you are looking for organic milk formula, then Organic Baby Food is the way to go. They have a 30-day cookie duration and offer a 10% commission rate per sale.

Urban Sitter

Urban Sitter is one of the most popular baby products affiliate programs in the United States. Plus, it’s relatively easy to promote on the market. It’s not only a renowned platform but also well-known for helping find bay sitters, pet sitters, homework helpers, tutors and full time or part time carers last minute.

New and old parents are always anxious when it comes to hiring someone to take care of their little ones and this is where Urban Sitter comes into play. They give you trusted recommendations after doing back ground check on all the available candidates. Coordinating things is equally easy since they have an efficient app.

The only limitation is that they are only available in the United States. The affiliate program offers a $30 commission rate per subscription or sale and has a 45-day cookie duration.

Bloom Baby

If you are looking for eco-friendly baby products without compromising on style and functionality, then Bloom Baby is your best bet. It was founded by four amazing dads who’ve done everything to ensure the baby products are not only functional but also stylish.

Their merchandise is made from environment friendly and sustainable products and are ethically produced where possible.

Bloom Baby is best suited for affiliate marketers that are looking for natural baby products to promote. The company sells an array of baby essentials ranging from coco wood loungers, weaning sets and highchairs to cribs. They offer a 10% commission rate per sale and have a 90-day cookie duration.


If there’s a brand that doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to retailing modern clothing for children, then it should be H&M. You might be surprised to learn that they have an affiliate program as well.

Most parents usually go to H&M for trendy baby and toddler clothing regardless of gender. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can try capitalizing on what they offer in the baby department and promote deals and coupons to your target audience to generate more income per sale.

Their children’s clothing and baby collection include basics, outwear, shoes, and costumes. Plus, members get to enjoy free shipping and you also stand to benefit from the smooth shopping experience. Their commission rates vary and they have a 30-day cookie duration.

Baby Sleep Miracle

There are many products on the market that claim to help the little ones sleep better. However, Baby Sleep Miracle has an edge over the others since the miracle sounds and the book itself is backed by testimonials from parents who tried them out.

This affiliate program has the highest commission rate and is equally easy to integrate to your content. However, their website is a bit cringe worthy. All the tips in this affiliate program are natural methods that will help encourage your child to sleep. They offer a 74% commission rate with a 90-day cookie duration.


Breastfeeding has little to no support yet its one of the most challenging parts of being a new mother. The idea behind Milkology is to solve this problem by providing necessary breastfeeding tips, support and classes to help new moms breastfeed the baby properly.

Their commission rates start at 53% for each student which is roughly $18.

Baby’s Brew

Owing to technological advancements, we have a battery-powered bottle warmer which is the first in the world. It was designed by a wife and husband duo and doesn’t need a power outlet to plugin. It helps heat up the child’s bottle in less than 10 minutes.

In addition, Baby’s Brew is relatively small and portable. It features adjustable heat settings to ensure the temperature is just right – neither too hot or cold. They offer an 8% commission rate per sale and have a 90-day cookie duration.

The Little Market

The Little Market is one of the best places for the most conscious buyers since it’s a non-profit and fair-trade shop. They support women and artisan groups by simply selling beautiful décor and handmade gifts then putting the proceeds to different communities that are under-resourced. You’ll find blankets, jewelry, moccasins and small gifts among others on their website.

Their commission rates usually start at 5% up to a maximum of 10% per sale while the cookie duration is 30 days.


Tushbaby is an ergonomically designed belt that you can wear around the hips as it comes with an in-built seat for the baby. If you are an affiliate marketer in the travel niche then this is one of the things you need to put into consideration. They offer a 10% commission rate per sale and have a 7-day cookie duration.


You need to start earning from marketing baby products since it’s one of the most lucrative niches. It’s simple, find a brand with the products that you can buy for your baby then start promoting them to your target audience. Alternatively, put into consideration what they would prioritize then look for different brands that tend to reflect those values.

Remember, small brands might offer high commissions.

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