Case Study: Do Web 2.0 Links Work for Niche Sites? [Episode 1]

Case Study: Do Web 2.0 Links Work for Niche Sites? [Episode 1]

Okay guys.

Hope your October’s turning out fantastic.

Welcome to the first update of the Web 2.0 Niche Site Case Study. If you are not up to speed,  I’m basically building a niche site and hoping to get it to page one of Google by mainly using Web 2.0s links. Check this post for the intro.

Today, I’m outlining what I’ve done so far. I’d already bought a domain name  and installed WordPress last month. Here are some new updates.

i) WordPress theme

Installed a reviews theme from MyThemeShop. I highly recommend you check out the themes these guys have. They are lightweight and optimized for SEO. In fact, I’m using their Authority theme on this blog.

The theme I bought for the niche site is known as HowTo.  At the moment, you can get it at the site for $47 rather than $67

By the way, if you are new to niche sites and would like to know how to get started, check out my recent post on how to start a WordPress blog.

ii) Installed Plugins

This is going to be an Amazon niche site. I’ve installed a couple of plugins that I usually install when making niche sites. Here is the list:

iii) Created and Posted Content

I’ve also created and posted 6 pieces of content on the website.  The content are longform articles that review the specific products that the audience in the niche market search for. I’ve written long form content because my aim is to get the website ranking for as many short and long tail keywords as possible. Moreover, I am just replicating what the competition is doing.

All the content I’ve posted range from 1200 to 3000 words

iv) Added SERP tracker

I’ve also done keyword research and added the keywords I’d like to track. The keyword research wasn’t intense as I was simply looking for what the competition was ranking for. To do this, I used SEMRush. You can get the tool, together with others for a low monthly fee at this site.

At the moment, here  is a screenshot of the current ranking of my keywords:

current rankings web 2.0 experiment

I am using SERPLab to track the keywords. You can sign up for a free account to track your website’s keywords.

Next Steps

The next steps are all about content and links. I will continue adding content to the site as well as start making some web 2.0 links. I will also finish up on making the site appealing by customizing the theme design, adding images, including tables, etc.

This will be done in the next two weeks. You can keep up with the timelines here.

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