NonameInternet Review: Best PBN Hosting Company

NonameInternet Review: Best PBN Hosting Company

This is the Nonameinternet review I would have wanted to read when I first started searching for a PBN hosting company.

I’ve been meaning to write a review of NonameInternet for a while now. This article has been in draft for a long time, but I’ve finally decided to publish it.

In a nutshell, this is a review of NonameInternet, one of the best PBN hosting companies that I’ve used. To be transparent, I’ve used 4 PBN hosting companies: BuyBulkHosting, Nonameinternet, GoPBN (acquired by EasyBlogNetworks), and EasyBlogNetworks. From the four, I chose to stick to NonameInternet for various reasons.

If you are looking to build your own private blog network, I confidently recommend Nonameinternet. I’ve been with the company since 2017 and I’m not looking to migrate anywhere else anytime soon.

Here is the ultimate NonameInternet review I would have wanted to read online before I signed up with the company.

NonameInternet Review: Overview of the Company

A few years back, I was really scared about building a private blog network (PBN). The thing is, when you are browsing Facebook groups and SEO forums, the gurus always tend to blow things out of proportion. You’ll usually hear how PBNs are risky, Blackhat tactics will get your site decimated, and so on.

I was a noob a few years ago. However, what I’ve come to learn about SEO, and life in general, is that: no one knows what they are doing. Most of the advice you’ll get is just speculation. Yes, some advice is good, but don’t take everything to be 100% true.

Anyway, back to the review at hand, I was researching about PBN hosting companies and came across a couple of recommendations. I’m sure you’ve seen these companies pop up time and again on Facebook SEO groups:

  • Easy Blog Networks
  • Buy Bulk Hosting
  • OVH Hosting
  • And a couple of others

I was looking for a PBN hosting company that will make it easy for me to set up, deploy, and manage my sites.

I don’t remember when I heard of Nonameinternet. However, I did not hear about the company on Facebook. Rather, it was in a private SEO Skype group chat.

I searched for reviews of the company online and could barely find any. However, their price was so cheap compared to what BulkBuyHosting and EasyBlogNetworks were charging. Since I had a small budget, I decided to test the service.

Nonameinternet Review: Features of the PBN Hosting Company

Here are the features of Nonameinternet:

Ease of Use

I’ve found the Nonameinternet dashboard to be pretty easy to use. If you’ve been managing your website with any other hosting company, you will have an easy time with Nonameinternet. The company offers customers the standard cPanel and DirectAdmin software to enable them to manage their website files.

Initially, all servers were accessed through cPanel. However, when cPanel increased their prices overnight, most hosting companies were forced to pass the extra charges to customers or switch to alternative file management software like DirectAdmin.

The only mainstream company that I know, which did not increase its hosting prices with cPanel’s pricing change, is NameHero. I’ve been using Namehero and SSDNodes for my money sites. You can read my Namehero review here.

Nonameinternet switched very few of its servers to DirectAdmin. The majority of the servers are still being managed through cPanel, which is a good thing.

When you log into Nonameinternet’s dashboard, this is how your account will be looking like:

nonameinternet account dashboard
Nonameinternet Customer Account Dashboard

The dashboard has everything you need to manage your websites. To log into any of your websites, simply click on its cPanel account on the dashboard.

Location of Servers

Nonameinternet has servers in about 52 locations, with 94 nodes. The locations are spread all over the world, although the majority are in the United States and Europe. Here is a sample of the servers’ locations:

nonameinternet server locations
Nonameinternet Server Locations

One of the ways of hiding your PBN footprints is by getting links from sites in different locations. Nonameinternet does this well for its customers. The best thing is that you won’t have to deal with multiple usernames and passwords when you want to access your sites. All you have to do is to log into Nonameinternet’s portal and select the cPanel or DirectAdmin of the particular site you want. From there, you’ll be able to access the site’s files automatically.

Important Hosting Features

Many people take PBNs to be just some fly-by-night sites that are built solely for links. However, I know a couple of people that flesh out PBNs to be real sites generating traffic and earning income. This is what I’m trying to do with the Project Revival.

Nonameinternet is set up like a budget hosting company. The company offers generous server resources, which are typical of other budget hosting companies. Here is what you’ll get in each cPanel account:

  • 1000MB of disk space per account
  • 10GB of monthly transfer per account
  • cPanel servers
  • Softaculous (Simple WordPress installs)
  • Non-sequential unique IP Addresses (very important for hiding footprints)
  • Central location to manage all accounts
  • Anonymous DNS for all locations
  • Simple DNS Editor
  • PHP5 / PEAR / Perl / CGI / Python
  • Backup Wizards (you can recover your website content in case of any attack)
  • Cron Jobs
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Unlimited Add-On Domains (each cPanel account can be used to host more than one domain)
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Mail Accounts
  • Unlimited E-Mail Forwarders
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Webmail & Spam Assassin
  • phpMyAdmin

As you can see, these are the standard features you’d expect from a web hosting company. Therefore, inasmuch as Nonameinternet is designed for PBNs, you get all the features of a big hosting company. This will save you a ton of headaches along the way. For instance, you do not want to sign up with a $1 hosting company that only gives you 500MB disk space and limits your bandwith to 1GB.

Server Uptime

For the cheap PBN hosting service, you may be forgiven to think that Nonameinternet is a small, mediocre business. This is nothing further than the truth. I’m usually tracking the uptime status of my sites using UptimeRobot. All my PBN sites are usually up, apart from the usual 1-minute downtimes that any web hosting service experiences from time to time.

You can check the real-time status of Nonameinternet’s servers here:


Nonameinternet has a fair pricing model. In fact, the company is the cheapest PBN hosting provider on the market for the value it offers.

Of course, you can sign up with $1 or $5 hosting companies. However, the hassle of managing multiple login details, payments, etc. is just not worth it. Nonameinternet removes all the hassle of dealing with multiple hosting companies.

Here is how the pricing structure looks like:

nonameinternet pricing structure
Nonameinternet Pricing Structure

As you can see, the price of 5 cPanel accounts is $10. That means each cPanel account costs just $2 a month. This is far way cheaper than the $5 hosts you may be thinking of signing up with.

Nonameinternet offers up to 90 cPanels for $180 a month. You do not have to buy the 90 cPanels for a start. You can start small, with the 5 cPanels option, and then upgrade to more cPanels as you continue to build your PBN.

Customer Support

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that Nonameinternet is a pretty lean company. Most of the time, the founder Andreas is the one offering support. The good news is that the support team is usually online. Most of my tickets are answered almost instantly.

nonameinternet customer support
Nonameinternet Customer Support

Should You Sign Up for Nonameinternet?


I love Nonameinternet because of the easy-to-use dashboard and reliable server performance. The service combines different cPanels from various web hosting companies in one dashboard, making it easy for you to manage multiple sites. This means no hassle with multiple passwords or dealing with different companies.

The uptime of the company’s servers has also been impressive. At no time have I had my sites gone for hours without the issue being resolved.

Finally, Nonameinternet is probably the cheapest PBN network solutions providers that offer value for money. At a cost of just $2 per server, anyone should be able to set up and host their own PBN without incurring huge costs.

You can sign up for a Nonameinternet account here.

Watch the video below for an overview of the PBN hosting service:

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