Project Double Affiliate Revenue: Month 1

Project Double Affiliate Revenue: Month 1

Welcome to my first update of the Double Affiliate revenue.

If you do not know what I’m talking about, you can check the previous post here.

In a nutshell, I am working on my affiliate website to see whether I can double its earnings in 4 months. I hope to achieve this by adding more content, more links and switching to high paying affiliate programs.

Month 1 Update

I set myself an ambitious goal of publishing over 200 articles in 4 months. From the math, this means publishing 50 articles a month.

However, over the past month, I’ve come to realize I’ll need to publish more than 50 articles a month since I also have to do link building. Moreover, the articles are likely to take some time to start ranking. Therefore, the earlier I publish them, then better it would be.

Over the last 30 days, I have published 62 new articles on the site. This has increased the total number of articles on the site to 112.

For backlinks, I’ve done a poor job at building links. I haven’t created any white hat links. Instead, I have opted to use guest post exchanges, expired Web 2.0s, relevant blog comments, and my own PBNs.

In total, I built just 5 PBN links.

Expired Domain 301 Redirect

I acquired an expired domain that is relevant to my niche and will be 301’ing it to the site possibly in the third week of June. Here are the stats of the domain from Ahrefs:

I am restoring the site’s original pages and will see whether it starts ranking for any keywords. If the keywords start ranking, I will 301 redirect it to my niche site domain to boost the DA and links.

Current Stats

Let’s look at the current stats of my niche site:

Content Written

May: 50, June: 112, Change: +61

Ahrefs Stats

End of May

site at end of may ahrefs
Niche Site Stats at End of May

End of June

Niche Site Stats at End of June

Semrush Stats

End of May

site at end of may
Niche Site Stats at End of May

End of June

semrush stats june
Niche Site Stats at End of June


The 62 pieces of content that I have created for the niche site have earned me a grand total of $2.81.¬†Well, nothing to brag about but I’m hoping for better earnings once the content starts ranking.

june earnings
June Earnings for New Content Created on Niche Site

The previous content earned $145.95

June Niche Site Earnings from Old Content

Generally, the site has started to improve its rankings in the new brandable domain name that I moved it to. Before the move to the new domain, it was earning an average of $250. So, it looks like I have about $100 to go.

Traffic Stats

Traffic increased by 22.58 percent in June, compared to May. Here is the Google Analytics screenshot:

Niche Site Traffic Stats: June vs. May

July Goals

The first month of the challenge has just ended. It was a tough month. Writing the articles is quite draining. Moreover, I found myself taking a lot of time to post the articles as I have to put images, create tables, etc.

I have been posting content every 10 days. The last batch of content was posted yesterday.

I need to find a way to be more efficient with posting content. Every day the content is on my laptop is an opportunity wasted to rank on Google or make a sale.

I am setting quite ambitious goals for July. I want to try to write at least 3 articles a day. This would mean the site would have 90 new articles by the end of the month. It’s tough writing these articles, especially since they are quite long (1000 – 2500 words) plus the research that I have to do.

Moreover, I have my daily grind to do.


Building backlinks has also been a challenge for me. I have a network of 40 sites that I can easily build backlinks from. However, I need to diversify the backlinks not to end up with PBNs only.

My goal is to build at least 10 high-quality backlinks to the content this month.

So, the goal is to have 90 articles written and 10 backlinks created.

May the odds be in my favor!

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