ShareASale Review

ShareASale Review

You probably have heard about ShareASale especially if you are conversant with affiliate marketing circuit. In the past, it used to exist alongside ClickBank, LinkShare and Commission junction as one of the biggest networks available out there. These were the only real networks in the industry.

I had a great experience with them in the past during my affiliate minisite years when promoting acid reflux info products.

Sorry for digressing. Let’s talk about SaleAShare review. SaleAShare has been in operation since 2005 after its acquisition by Affiliate Window (Awin) for $35 million US dollars. However, the site still exists as a separate entity for now.

Awin is known to roll acquisitions to the main brand even though Brian Littleton might have maintained 100% equity of the company. Currently, ShareASale still uses the same URL, interface and layout as it did two years ago. Will find out later in this review whether it’s a good or bad thing. Keep scrolling!

Let’s dive deeper into this ShareASale review to find out more, shall we?

Signing Up

Let’s first look at the ease of signing up to ShareASale network. As you already know, some affiliate networks usually make the signing up process a bit complicated for no reason. Signing up should be as easy as it is straightforward.

To sign up for a publisher account with ShareASale network, you’ll need to:

  1. Select an appropriate user name and secure password. Use the drop-down menu to choose the country you live in.

  1. Add your affiliate website – the domain will come in handy when verifying the information you enter when signing up for a publisher account with ShareASale later. In this case, it would be best to use a live website.

They are equally stringent when it comes to the affiliate marketing sites that they allow on their network. For instance, they don’t allow adult content.

  1. Add an active email address. However, using an email address with your domain name would be more effective as compared to using free email addresses like Yahoo, Gmail and Live among others.

  1. Provide your contact details including the person you would wish the affiliate checks paid to:

  1. Choose a payment method to suit your needs. The only limitation to the payment gateways is that PayPal option is not available which can be frustrating.

  1. The last step is checking the terms and conditions box. There’s an Awin branding sign that you’ll need to click on to confirm your email before submitting the final application for some reviews.

Once you’re done, you have to wait for approval.

Don’t fret, approving your ShareASale account only takes a day exclusive of holidays and weekends. In my case, my account was approved in less than 24 hours. That’s one of the reasons why ShareASale stands out from other networks since they usually take a little longer to approve the applications.

Completing the application should take you less than 20 minutes.

The Brands You Can Promote

One thing I like about this network is their ability to find merchants that most big networks might probably by pass. In such cases, these merchants usually make a lot of sense for some affiliate marketers.

Generally, there are more than 4,500 merchants using ShareASale as their primary affiliate marketing network. ShareASale have never been associated with big brands when it comes to affiliate networks but that is not a bad thing after all.

Big corporations tend to b picky when choosing affiliates just because they can. Small and Medium Enterprises, otherwise known as SME’s, on the other hand, are usually hungry to make more money. Their hunger can be likened to a fat guy who gets a chance to visit a cheesecake factory. This means that SME’s always welcome the idea of smaller website owners working their asses off when it comes to promoting their products and services.

However, ShareASale promotes brand names that might sound familiar to some of you:

The above list is a sample of thousands of premium quality and trustworthy merchants available on the network.

Ease of Use

ShareASale dashboard is usually dated by the modern day’s standards:

It’s not quite exciting. However, the ShareASale dashboard is extremely functional and minimalists will dig the approach. It displays important updates for your publisher ShareASale account, merchants that are offline at the moment or closed along with your current affiliate payment balance.

The activity feed, on the other hand, is the new addition on the dashboard. It provides users with real-time overview of the happenings in your account. You’ll find other relevant functions when you click the drop-down menu option.

The trending feature is another option that makes the dashboard look more functional. It displays some of the most popular programs for merchants on the entire ShareASale.

This means that you don’t have to skim through the many different programs even though ShareASale networks makes the entire process a lot easier. Where the network lacks, it tends to make up for it by not being accidentally cryptic or overly clever.

However, their interface is not all sunshine and rainbows. For instance, the primary affiliate dashboard looks too busy for a simple network.

How to Find Affiliate Programs on ShareASale Network

This is where ShareASale has an edge over its counterpart networks that I’ve tried out over the years. The basics are almost similar to those of their competitors. Click on the merchants option then select search for merchants.

At this point, you can browse through different categories as you look for the one you want. Everything is quite basic up to this point. However, you’ll see ShareASale in a different light once you see how it allows users to filter through hundreds of merchants.

ShareASale allows you to filter the affiliate programs by:

  • Cookie length
  • Joined status
  • Start Date
  • Sale commission
  • Power rank – internal metric
  • Alphabetical
  • Lead commission
  • 7 to 30-day EPC
  • Hit or click commission

If you are a minimalist, you’ll love the modify search option submenu:

It’s almost like having the super powers to search for different affiliate programs to suit your needs.

What’s more, there are many different search parameters that I would love to discuss in details but it’ll make this review long and boring. However, here are some that I fancy:

  • Two-tier program
  • EPC greater than
  • Auto-approval
  • Commission rate greater than

I can find different affiliate programs with ease especially those that will help approve my application automatically with a commission to suit my business needs. There are programs that are quite handy when it comes to EPC proving that you’ll make lots of long-term cash as well as the possibility of getting paid from referrals owing to sub-affiliates.

There are networks that are pretty much better and equally bigger than ShareASale but have nothing on them in terms of the search functionality. Browsing through the best affiliate programs has never been this easy.

Creating Different Affiliate Links

By now, it’s evident that ShareASale prefers keeping things simple and easy to navigate. Creating affiliate links is no exception.

Click on the links option at the top of the navigation menu and select get a link/banner.

Once you’re done, click on the get links option on the next screen.

At this point, you’ll be left to review then choose a creative according to your personal specifications like banner and text link among others. After you’re done, you can proceed to copy the HTML code provided. You can also create affiliate links with ShareASale in other different ways including:

  • Bookmarklet – It doesn’t work quite well since it’s still in beta
  • Custom Link Tool – It’s one of their most popular in-house tools that helps create short links
  • Product Showcase – It allows users to create different banners that display products from different affiliate programs.
  • Make-A-Page – It allows users to create unique product galleries.

ShareASale kinds sand in the face of other affiliate networks yet again owing to this sheer innovation. It’s also one of the reasons why it’s one of the best affiliate networks.

Getting Paid

After all is said and done, payment is what we tend focus on once we’re done doing all the hard work that comes with promoting ShareASale’s merchants.

Timeframe for Payment

For the most part, affiliate payments are usually issued on 20th of every month depending on the net 30 business model. This means that you’ll receive your payment on 20th of March for sales made up to 20th February. That is as good as it can get with most affiliate networks.

However, some affiliate networks pay weekly but it comes with a cost. This means that they have to balance refunds and reversals with both negative balances and current payments. See… its not all sunshine and rainbows!

Payment Methods

ShareASale offers three different payment options including Payoneer, Mailed Check and Direct Deposit. The latter is the fastest way to receive payments since the funds are usually deposited directly into your local bank account. Plus, it saves you the hassles that comes with cashing cheques and also helps you avoid handling fees.

The fact that ShareASale doesn’t support PayPal is a bit unsettling. However, I’d prefer seeing them offering the payments in cryptos. That would be cool, right?

Payment Threshold

You need to get your affiliate account balance to at least $50 before any payments can be triggered from ShareASale. According to the reviews, I’ve seen most people complaining that they should lower the amount to $10 since $50 is relatively high. On the flip side, there are those that argue that earning $50 should be a breeze for those in affiliate marketing.

You are probably in the wrong profession if you can’t earn $50 or thereabout from affiliate marketing.

Publisher Help

You can reach out to ShareASale customer support team if you are confused, if you haven’t received your payments or don’t know how to go about creating affiliate links to specific programs.

In fairness, ShareASale will link you to a resourceful introductory tutorial that they send to your email. However, if you need help with something that’s more specific: The help centre otherwise known as the knowledge base will come in handy. The interface could use some improvement even though its as functional as they come.

Save for that, they also have a functional telephone number and email address listed on their site. In overall, the entire support section needs an overhaul.

ShareASale Review – Pros and Cons

Here’s a highlight of the pros and cons of using ShareASale. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


  • You get access to incredible publisher tools like product banner creator
  • Signing up and approval of the publisher account is a lot easier as compared to other affiliate networks
  • They’re part of Awin which means extra investment that translates to longevity
  • The merchant portfolio is diverse with many different under-the-radar affiliate programs
  • Finding an affiliate program of your choice like payout and EPC among others is a lot easier
  • ShareASale network offers pay-per-call function along with two-tier programs


  • The customer support section on their site is too shabby. It looks like it was designed by a novice in 1900
  • The homage or affiliate dashboard is as messy as it is minimalist

ShareASale Review – Final Thoughts

There’s more to ShareASale network than meets the eye. The interface might be outdated and they have fewer big brands but a lot can happen if they choose to integrate with Awin fully.

However, the platform is easy to use. Plus, some merchants on ShareASale pay quite well as they offer up to $300 for each sale. What’s more, there are more than 4000 affiliate programs you can choose from. At this point, its safe to say that ShareASale are not only solid but also a well-established network best suited for new affiliates.

If you want to know whether or not you are an affiliate market newbie, you can attend a training class on affiliate marketing at no cost. I hope this ShareASale review will help you make an informed decision.

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